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Battery Backup Light

Battery Backup Light - Overview and Explanation

A battery backup light is a lighting fixture that contains an internal battery which operates the light after AC electrical power to the structure fails. Battery backup lights, more commonly referred to as "emergency lights," are required to be permanently installed into all types of buildings an facilities.


The purpose of battery backup lighting fixtures is to provide illumination along the egress (exit) pathway during emergencies where power is lost to enable building occupants to easily find their way to the nearest outdoor exit.

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Battery Backup Lights come in a variety of designs and styles, each of which is made for a certain type of application. We offer outdoor battery backup lights, designer battery backup lights, LED battery backup lights, and steel battery backup lights.

Facts About Battery Backup Lights:

  • Required by building and fire codes throughout the US and Canada
  • Turn on during power outages to help occupants exit the facility
  • Illuminate for at least 90 minutes
  • Offered in many different sizes, designs, and styles
  • Operate using line voltage electricity (120 or 277v AC)
Battery Backup Light

Battery backup lights are important to building safety and are required by building codes

Battery backup lights are mandated by a number of building and fire code regulations. Federal, state, and local fire and building codes require battery backup lights to be installed into all facilities that do not have a backup generator which keeps the general lighting system operable during a power outage.

Most buildings and facilities throughout the United States and Canada do not have generators and thus are required to have emergency lights with battery backup systems installed throughout rooms, corridors, and above fire and exit doors.

Popular Categories of Battery Backup Lights:

Battery backup lights come with (2) lamp heads that are connected to a plastic, metal, or fiberglass housing which houses the emergency light's electronic components and battery backup system. The emergency lights that are offered through this online store are easy to install and come complete with mounting instructions and hardware.

Installation of Battery Backup Lights

Emergency lights connect to standard 120 or 277v electricity and are recommended to be installed by a licensed electrician. The AC electrical power feeding into the emergency light constantly charges the battery backup system so that if power is lost, the unit is ready to operate in emergency mode and provide at least 90 minutes of egress illumination.

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Positioning Battery Backup Lights

 Wet Location Emergency Light

Wet location emergency lights are suitable for outdoor use. Some are NEMA rated for increased protection.

When adjusting battery backup lights, make sure to position your lights so that there is at least a small amount of light shining along the entire egress path. All battery backup lights feature lamp heads that can be adjusted and positioned in a number of ways. Lamp heads on basic models can be adjust by hand where as heavy duty, industrial, and wet location rated models require a screw driver for adjustment, insuring the lamp heads stay in place in whatever type of environment they are installed into.

Battery Capacity and Type

We offer a variety of different battery capacities and lamp wattages, the basic models are manufactured from thermoplastic and feature incandescent and halogen lamp heads. Halogen lamp heads offer a more compact and sleek appeal where as incandescent models are the most affordable yet still produce the same amount of light as their halogen counterparts. White and black housings are available for thermoplastic models. Heavy duty, industrial, outdoor rated, and wet location battery backup lights are available through our online store as well.

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We are here to help you find the right battery backup light for your application, so please email our production team with questions about our products and to request a quote or formal invoice. We have a staff of qualified battery backup light experts who are here to help you, so please call us today.

By Evan Delaporte+