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Building Emergency Exit Signs

Building Emergency Exit Signs

Emergency exit signs are used to guide building occupants to a safe exit during the event of an emergency that requires evacuation of the building; such as a fire, earthquake, or flood. You often see these signs in many businesses in red or green lettering, that simply display the word “EXIT” above a doorway that leads to the outside.


Required Exit Signs

There are multiple reasons and instances that require exit signs to be present within a facility. Not only are emergency exit signs required by OSHA, but they provide safe routes to an exit for anyone within the building during the event of an emergency. Providing emergency exit signs for your employees and/or customers will create a clear and lit path to an exit during a catastrophe.


All emergency exit signs offered on our website are:


- Guaranteed with a 5-year warranty


- Compliant with OSHA standards and United States building code

- Energy efficient or non-energy dependent.

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Emergency signs on our website are guaranteed with a 5-year replacement warranty that can save your business from costly replacements in the event of defect or any other need for replacement.

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Emergency exit signs purchased from our online store are also compliant with OSHA standards and United States building codes that require certain emergency lighting installations within businesses to guide the path to a clear exit in the event of an emergency. Also, our emergency exit signs are extremely energy efficient – using little or no electricity. We offer LED emergency exit signs that use only 5 watts of electricity – and self-luminous signs that use no electricity whatsoever.

Types of Exit Signs

There are three classifications for emergency exit lighting, and each requires a separate lighting structure, based on the temperature degree that can be reached during a fire of the material being handled in your facility. 

Class 1 emergency exit signs requires the highest degree of protection, and is usually for facilities that handle petroleum / gasoline and other chemicals that may cause an explosion or fire that produces a very high temperature rate. This type of facility requires special lighting due to the fact that a fire of this temperature can easily cause an emergency exit sign to stop functioning.

Class 2 emergency exit signs is the next degree, requiring medium protection against fire and explosion. Although the materials handled in these facilities are usually non-hazardous, they do carry somewhat of a fire risk. Such facilities that require this type of emergency exit lighting are: candy manufacturers, grain stores, and facilities that use aluminum or magnesium during production. 

Class 3 emergency exit lighting needs the least amount of protection against fire or explosion, and is usually for facilities that process or handle materials that are non-hazardous but still carry a slight degree of flammability.

Generic emergency exit lighting is for facilities that produce or handle no hazardous or flammable materials – such as office buildings or department stores.

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