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Class 1 Div 1 and Class 1 Div 2 Emergency Lights

Class 1 Div 1 Emergency Lights Class 1 Div 2 Emergency Lights Basic Information & Overview

When handling dangerous materials, no step in precaution is small and should never be overlooked. This is particularly important when it comes to handling extremely flammable and hazardous materials. Any connection that can create a spark from simple everyday things like metal tools, any electrical equipment, and even a light switch, and all these things must be protected for safety.


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Both the International Electric Code (IEC) and the National Electric Code (NEC) demand very specific needs for lighting installation and manufacturing in areas where flammable and hazardous materials may be present. In lemans terms, the regulations demand that all lighting units are incapable of igniting any flammable material by spark.

The National Electric Code (NEC) has three types of “classes” which correspond to the type of flammable material that are allowed in those areas.

Explanation of Classes

  • Class 1 – Any area with flammable vapors or gases in the atmosphere
  • Class 2 – Any area that contains combustible dust particles
  • Class 3 – Any area that with “easily combustible” flyings or fibers
Hazardous Location Emergency Lights

Hazardous Location Emergency Lights are designed for the most extreme environments. All models are UL Listed and made in the USA.

Explanation of Divisions

  • Division 1- The flammable vapors or gases are in the atmosphere as a “normal” part of daily operations. In lemans, any area where use of those vapors or materials that produce those gases is part of the establishments normal every day business.
  • Division 2 – Flammable vapors or gases are only in the atmosphere occasionally, as an “abnormal” part of the daily operations. This does include loading docks , storage areas, and corridors where such hazardous material may be moved or stored. In the case of an “abnormal” condition, the accidental spillage or opening of those materials in that area.

In conclusion, Class 1 Division 2 emergency lights are lights that are constructed to be installed in applications where flammable vapors or gases are may leak; this does not include every day business, but only accidental openings or spillage of vapors or liquid in that area. These divisions and classes are left broad in interpretation on purpose, allowing officials to interpret them as needed for any commercial facility.

In addition, the National Electric Code has two types of “divisions” which correspond to the possibility of those combustible fibers, gases or dust being present at any time.

Where to Contact?

All units made are proudly designed, constructed, and manufactured in the United States of America by Americans. Every single of the emergency lights that we carry come with instructions for installation and a five year warranty. We have a team of experts who are here to consult and answer any questions you have before purchasing your next emergency lighting equipment. Call us today @ 1-800-480-0707 or email the production team for more information or to inquire about an invoice/quote.

By Evan Delaporte+