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Emergency Lights in Albuquerque New Mexico

Emergency Lights in Albuquerque New Mexico

Albuquerque, is the largest city New Mexico, whose motto is 'The Land of Enchantment.' It's the site of the University of New Mexico and Kirtland Air Force Base and is the 57th largest metropolitan center in the United States. Our city's name is believed to derive from the first provincial governor Don Francisco Cuervo y Valdes, whose aristocratic title was the Duke of Albuquerque. The Rio Grande runs through our enchanting city as does the old road of the now-famous Route 66.


Albuquerque has a semi-arid climate, essentially a desert, so we get two seasons: a freezing winter and burning hot, dry summers. The mountains surrounding our city cause what is called a rain shadow effect that blocks a lot of moisture. Mostly it's just really hot, so you can be sure all 600,000 of our residents run their air conditioning year-round which puts a drain on the power grid. We also get intense winds and sandstorms strong enough to knock over doghouses and telephone poles. Having quality emergency lights that work is essential for our daily business operations.

Emergency Lights from EmergencyLights.net:

We have a huge selection of high quality emergency lights to fit any need for any business or facility around the country. Here in Albuquerque, we have had a sharp rise in population. More people means larger crowds of panicked building occupants when the power shuts off, so it's essential to install emergency lights and exit signs that are OSHA certified and UL 924 Listed. A stampeding mob of scared humans can be deadly, as evidenced by the poor casualties of Black Friday.

But getting the right lights is only part one. You as the owner/operator will have to install these products and ensure monthly and yearly checks are performed on them. But don't fret because the tests are very easy, and should there be any grey area you can refer to the detailed instructions or phone us anytime day or night.

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Hazardous Emergency Lighting

If you work in Albuquerque it is very likely you're emplyoyed at or in conjunction with Kirtland Air Force Base or Sandia National Laboratories, or any number of industries that deal in flammable gas or liquids on a daily basis. We've got a huge line of Explosion Proof Emergency Lights and Exit Signs for just such hazardous applications. The electronics in our Hazardous Emergency Lights are cased in a reinforced, airtight cover which prevents any flammable gas from entering the unit and interacting with a spark that could potentially ignite a terrible explosion.

How to purchase emergency lights

Check out our inventory of Emergency Lights or call us 24/7 to place an order, setup an account or for free technical support. We look forward to creating a lighting solution for your business.

By Evan Delaporte+