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Emergency Lights in Buffalo New York

Emergency Lights in Buffalo New York

Emergency lights are fixtures that are attached to exit signs, usually on the side or the top of the sign, and will operate during a power failure within a business in order to provide emergency lighting during an evacuation emergency. Certain businesses are required to have emergency lights within their business in addition to exit signs, using a battery backup system, powered with a rechargeable battery. Emergency lights must provide 90 minutes of illumination to the facility.


In Buffalo New York, we often have emergencies take place due to snowstorms and blizzards. Buffalo New York has one of the highest occurances of severe weather in the entire USA, so purchasing emergency lights within Buffalo New York is a very important safety measure for any business facility.

Emergency Lights from EmergencyLights.net:

  • UL 924 Listed and guaranteed compliance within Buffalo New York
  • Battery backup provides 90-minutes emergency illumination
  • 5-year warranty included

Our emergency lights are guaranteed to meet all OSHA regulation and requirements within all 50 states of the USA. This ensures that you will meet all requirements for OSHA inspections and building fire code standards by providing your site with proper safety lighting per OSHA regulations. Your facility will not receive a fine due to safety lighting violations with our emergency lights properly installed within your business site.

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Emergency light testing is an indispensable method that ensures proper operation of emergency lights. You should perform emergency light testing on your system when you perform standard smoke alarm testing on smoke alarms. This will ensure that your emergency light battery backup system is able to provide the full mandatory 90 minutes of emergency illumination during a power outage within the business.

Wet location emergency lights, LED emergency lights, and explosion proof emergency lights

Our company also offers wet location emergency lights, LED emergency lights, and explosion proof emergency lights. Wet location emergency lights are used for outdoor businesses, and provide protection under weather conditions that would normally cause damage to the exit sign or emergency lighting systems. LED emergency lights are the most affordable and energy efficient models on the market today. They are able to save the business owner a large amount of money, both during the purchase and the operation of the emergency lighting system. Explosion proof emergency lights with flame retardant capabilities are used within a facility that handle hazardous or flammable materials. 

How to purchase emergency lights

Our emergency lights include a 5-year warranty, guaranteed OSHA compliance, 24/7 customer support and free technical assistance. Give us a call anytime to order your exit signs at 800-480-0707 - and we will ship your order the same day. Our representatives are available to assist you 24 hours per day, 7 days per week. We can create a customized solution for any emergency lighting need within minutes - just give us a call today toll free at 800-480-0707 to speak with a friendly and knowledgeable sales representative.

By Evan Delaporte+