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Exit Signs in Minneapolis Minnesota

Exit Signs in Minneapolis Minnesota

Minneapolis is the largest city in the state of Minnesota and the 48th largest city in the nation. But don’t let its size fool you. This city is known for the stunning scenery that surrounds it, including a fantastic view from over twenty lakes and a plethora of creeks and waterfalls. It’s no wonder then that some people refer to Minneapolis as the “City of Lakes.” Anyone with a soft spot for wilderness and nature hikes is sure to love Minneapolis, but its not just outdoor adventurers who flock to this great city. Minneapolis is also known for its role in American commerce, housing six different “Fortune 500” companies, including Target and PepsiAmericas. Interested in the arts? Minneapolis is known as the third most literate city in America, showcasing a number of different literary festivals and events throughout the year. The city also has a great role in the history of American music. Who is one of the bigger musicians to come from Minneapolis? The “Artist” himself: Prince.


All Types of Minneapolis Exit Signs

We understand what it takes to succeed in a city as fast paced as Minneapolis, and that’s why we work so hard to provide a line of exit signs that won’t quit on you when you need them most. In every aspect of your business, you want to wok with someone who will dissolve your worries and be as trustworthy as they are efficient. Our company is exactly those things while also working hard to offer these exit signs at unbelievable prices. Where else would you find Energy Star Exit Signs, which are made to be environmentally friendly while also meeting all fire codes and quality tests, at the fabulous cost of $18.99? What about a Vandal Proof LED Exit Sign at $199.99? That’s an exit sign made withstand whatever brute force someone can throw at it for under $200! The best part? Both of these exit signs are easy to install and test (via our easy single-push button test).

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Outdoor and Moisture Proof

Need a sign that can work inside and outside and not get damaged due to any sort of weather? The Water Proof Exit Sign is crafted to efficiently block out any water-damage while also retaining its ability to illuminate your exits at less than five watts of energy at all times. Think of the most difficult environments imaginable: The Waterproof Exit Sign can handle it. Its all due to the perfectly designed fiberglass housing that is sealed in order to block any of the elements from getting inside. Stop worrying about having to replace your exit signs because of the weather. Get a Waterproof Exit Sign at $98.99 and put your worries to rest. These signs are perfect for any outdoor environments that are exposed to Mother Nature.

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If any of these exit signs above aren’t what your looking for, check out our website, emergencylights.net to browse the countless other models we offer. We’re positive that you’ll find what your looking for and at a price so low, you won’t be able to turn it down. Call 1-800-480-0707 to talk to any of our employees about how our exit signs are some of the bets on the market.

By Jonathan Carter+