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Exit Signs in Philadelphia Pennsylvania

Exit Signs of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Known as the “city of brotherly love,” Philadelphia, Pennsylvania gives off an undeniably positive and loving energy that makes it a great traveling destination for anyone. Founded in 1682, Philadelphia is unique in its countless numbers of historic landmarks that would please anyone looking for a deeper understanding of our nation’s colorful and rich past. Take, for example, the Liberty Bell, an everlasting symbol of America’s pursuit of freedom. Philadelphia was, in fact, a meeting place for our nation’s founding fathers and was where they signed the Declaration of Independence, not to mention the Constitution. There are few other cities that can allow visitors to re-experience American history in such a vivid and intimate manner. But that’s not all Philadelphia is known for. You’d be a fool not to try the world famous Philly Cheese Steal sandwich, an experience that is sure to top off any day in Philadelphia.


But in a city with such a long tradition of historical significance, its important for businesses to provide service to the utmost degree of superiority. And when it comes to choosing the best exit signs on the market, look no further than our wide selection of signs that are sure to do the job, no matter the situation. Exit signs are a vital part of what helps a building run smoothly and properly. Not only do they help occupants conveniently navigate their way through a building, but they also serve as important beacons of safety in the event of an emergency or disaster. Exit signs, therefore, exist to give you peace of mind so that you can be sure your building operates to its fullest potential possible. We deliver this service at the added benefit of a price that won’t break your bank.

Some Don't Require an Electrician

Our Glow In The Dark Exit Sign is the result of forward-thinking ingenuity and economic pragmatism. The Glow In The Dark Exit Sign uses no electricity as it illuminates in your building’s hallways and doorframes. Instead, it glows after absorbing light, which means an extremely less costly solution to your exit sign problems. Imagine an exit sign that doesn’t need constant maintenance or an expensive electrician. The Glow In The Dark Exit Sign is a reliable, zero-stress product with a five-year warranty and a sensible price of $63.99. Don’t worry about a complicated installation process either – the Glow In The Dark Exit Sign includes an extremely simply process for installment.

Philly Self Luminous Exit Signage

The Self Luminous Exit Sign is a similar self-illuminating exit sign that also offers a stylish, tactful design and reliable tritium tube technology that assures that your exit sign is working properly. The Self Luminous Exit Sign is only $136.99 and yet it instills a level of class and professionalism to any building.

Keep to Code, Choose Us

Making sure that a building is meeting all of the demands of its occupants is a tough job. Why make it any more difficult than it needs to be? Our exit signs are of the highest quality and our staff is both professional and highly trained. Go to our website at emergencylights.net or call 1-800-480-0707 and find out for yourself. We’re waiting to help you for all of your exit sign needs.

By Jonathan Carter+