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Batteries / Power Supplies

  • 12 volt 20Ah sealed lead acid battery - ELB-SLA-12200
  • 12 volt 35Ah sealed lead acid battery - ELB-SLA-12350
  • 12 volt 40Ah sealed lead acid battery - ELB-SLA-12400
  • 12 volt 75Ah sealed lead acid battery - ELB-SLA-12750
  • 12 volt 55Ah sealed lead acid battery - ELB-SLA-12550
  • 12 volt 110Ah sealed lead acid battery - ELB-SLA-121100
  • 12 volt 200Ah sealed lead acid battery - ELB-SLA-122000
  • 32W Electronic Ballast - 120-277VAC - Instant StartKTEB-232-UV-IS-N-P
  • 32W 3 Lamp Electronic Ballast - 120-277VAC - Instant Start KTEB-332-UV-IS-N-P
  • 32W 4 Lamp Electronic Ballast - 120-277VAC - Instant Start KTEB-432-UV-IS-N-P
  • Ballast Disconnect Connector - 873-902 K19-4045

This battery is used for emergency lights and exit signs.

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Batteries and Power Supplies

Emergency batteries are used to operate a lighting unit, electrical exit sign or exit sign combo when regular normal power is lost. Both emergency light and exit sign batteries operate their respective fixtures for at least 90 minutes depending on the specification.

Backup batteries often run out. Even though some batteries are rechargable, eventually the ability to recharge stop. Speaking of exit signs, most of them use LEDs for proper illumination while utilizing nickel cadmium batteries. Nickel Cadmium batteries, also referred to as Ni-Cad, are small and compact elements that resemble the shape of a AA battery and come shrink wrapped in configurations of 2-10 cells. Each Ni-Cad cell is 1.2v, so as you add one, just simply multiply by 2. Ex: a 4 cell exit sign battery would be 4.8v (1.2 x 4 = 4.8v).

Emergency lights on the other hand, need to utilize a more powerful source. Due to the need to power lamps (incandescent), which require more electricity than the LEDs found in exit signs. Sealed Lead Acid batteries are the perferred choice for emergency lighting units.