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Wall Recessed Edge Lit Exit Signs

Having dinner at Katsuya in Hollywood and I happened to notice the exit signs of course. Wall recessed Edge Lit exit signs blend well with upscale interiors such as the design in this restaurant. We offer these types of signs, check out our Edge Lit Exit Sign Category to see the models we offer.

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Time Delay Option for Emergency Lights

The Time Delay option that is available on our steel, wet location, and industrial emergency lights is designed to ensure egress illumination after a power outage is over, but before general lighting is at full power. Gas vapor lamps such as fluorescent, metal halide, mercury vapor, and high pressure sodium have what is known as a [...]

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Emergency Lights for Extreme Weather

We just came out with a new weatherproof emergency light, the SV Extreme Series. It is NEMA rated and can handle -40º Fahrenheit temperatures. Right now we are working on a project in Alaska where the temps drop as low as 35º. Looks like this one will do the job. It also comes standard with self-testing [...]

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