Avoid Costly Pitfalls, Get Your Home Emergency Plan List!

You know how to make your home fire safe, but do you know what steps to take incase of an emergency? After weeks of research, talking to specialists, and analyzing past plans. We put together a comprehensive home emergency plan that should make you feel safe!

Download the plan. Print it out. Put it in every room of the house.

Lets Go!

Create a home escape plan.

Route at least two ways of escape from the home.

Doors should be the first option of escape, but make window routes just in case.

Designate a meeting place outside that is a safe distance from the house.

Practice your escape plan twice a year once during the day and once during the night.

Practice different methods of escape and do not rely solely on one route.

Teach your children how to escape themselves in case you cannot help them.

Always close doors behind you as you leave.

Try to complete your escape plan in less than 3 minutes.

Try to complete your escape plan while blindfolded.

Safety Steps

  1. Do not open the door if...
    1. you see smoke coming under the door.
    2. the door is hot or very warm.
    3. the doorknob is hot or very warm.
  2. If none of the above criteria is applicable, you may open the door carefully.
  3. If a burst of smoke or heat enters the room, close the door immediately.
  4. If no smoke or heat is present, follow your escape route.
  5. Make sure you stay low to the ground by crawling on your hands or knees as you escape.
  6. If you cannot escape, get help by calling 911 or yelling out of an open window.
  7. Block the cracks around the door with sheets and clothing.
  8. If you catch on fire, remember to stop, drop, and roll.

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