Do You Know About Safety Evacuation Protocols?

Why every building needs proper safety evacuation protocols

Every residential building imbibes within many lives, which certainly need protection from many of the hazards that revolve. However, what good a security would mean without an adequate security system. So, in order to have a safe and secure neighborhood, one should have a proper and well equipped neighborhood that carries along a great deal of evacuation technology and most importantly a safety evacuation protocol.

A safety Evacuation protocol is something that is necessary in today’s insecure days and sometimes even technologies have jeopardized quality, which puts the life in danger of innocent civilians. So, in order to have an exclusive sense of security, one should definitely put forward a protocol for his/her building. However, is it necessary to have one? Would there be any bad if one does not follow any system like this? Yes, it does. Indeed, the stats of the world shows vital points that clearly point out those areas that did not have a safety evacuation protocol have failed in protecting their residents. Let’s take a gander at the vital points:-

  • The Apalachee Bay Region: Hurricane Evacuation Study, which was conducted some time back has revealed that an effective plan would have saved the lives of people who have been living there for a long time. The recurring phenomena of hurricanes in this region is an alarming factor to trigger the development of a better evacuation plan.
  • Along with the above study, Florida Hurricane Evacuation Study, which was initiated in 1983, clearly reveals how the lack of a good evacuation plan has resulted in severe consequences for the state.
  • In addition, Hurricane Evacuation Transportation Analysis shows that a batter evacuation plan would have minimized the effects of the Hurricane Georges the hit the coastal Mississippi counties in the past decade.

hurricane georges

While we can say that an evacuation plan is necessary, there can be any situation that it may apply to. It may arise in times of fire, hurricanes, storms, building disruption, earthquakes or maybe a flood. Each natural disaster needs to be dealt in a very brazen manner and with the most tranquil attitude. An Evacuation plan is just another language to express the dealing with such a disaster. Such a disaster can occur anywhere and proper readiness is necessary for survival.

Sectors that didn’t quite compel to join this movement of having an evacuation plan were hit hard by the circumstances. In addition, yes, an evacuation plan is necessary for one’s survival. However, another point rings up in our serene minds that what good an evacuation plan would bring to the society. Will it necessarily be helpful in times of sorrow? Well, the answer folds as we talk about the consequences of having a great and workable Evacuation plan. So let’s try to understand why having an evacuation plan would necessarily bring harmony to our minds:

  • An Evacuation plan brings a complete sense of security to our minds and to all the residents that live within that area. It provides a comfort zone for people to work so they would be seamlessly engaged in looking out for something that may prove to be treacherous for them. A Survey conducted in the States earlier in 2013 suggested that over 2 million people in the United States couldn’t concentrate on their work because they are tirelessly engaged in worries about their families and themselves.
  • Another important thing that an evacuation plan provides is that it makes people well informed with the current status of safety homes located within a one mile radius and also makes them aware of different endeavors that they don’t have to undertake such circumstances.
  • One major fact that a plan beholds is a pathway to safety. A Review conducted on 10 major hurricanes that hit the United States last decade, including the Katrina Storm showed that people didn’t even knew where to step up when water has gone beyond the rims. They had no choice but to ramble across the buildings looking out for the safety houses or maybe even just the way to get out of a building.

So, now we know how essential an evacuation plan is and what magnificence it beholds when it comes to talk about saving lives. But, the plausibility of an article lies within the fact that how well the plan is prepared and how many elements of the nneighborhooddoes it imbibe within itself. It surely needs to carry all elements of safety within a standard page and should be very informative as to guiding the person in need.

We also need to analyze given factors with the best of our knowledge and ability. Let’s see how. Here is an analyzing report of a drive conducted to test an evacuation plan in the United States.


Well worked out emergency plans and efficient employee training (such that employees understand their roles and responsibilities within the plan) will surely result in less severe injuries and less structural damage to the area during any situation of emergency. A poorly brought out plan is likely to lead the procession to a disorganized evacuation or just a menace, resulting in confusion, injury, and property damage.

When bringing about your emergency action plan, it’s a great and rather magnificent idea to look at a wider range of possible emergencies that could take place in your sector. It should be worked out to your worksite and carry information about each source of emergency.

A well-built evacuation plan looks somewhat like the following:

evacuation plan

Bringing about an emergency evacuation plan isn’t so easy after all. There’s too much of things that need to embed within the spirit of the plan so that it represents a cumulative view of safety.

Here’s a little depiction of how a plan should be:

threats and hazards

Here are the plans one by one and let’s also find out why that point is necessary:

  • An Evacuation plan in general should list out all the routes and safety doors. This helps people in identifying the correct place to exit out of the danger zone and hence procure a safe region. However, pathways need to be clearly mentioned. About half of evacuation plans that are built in and around the globe turn out to be nothing but a petulant paper that leads to nothing. This factor arises due to poor build-up of the plan and ineffective working of the information.
  • The plan shouldn’t simply be an artistic piece of information, it should be attractive as well as informative. The amalgamation of attractiveness and information usually works out well for an evacuation plan. This helps the person identify the step to be undertake and he does commit a mistake in deciphering the plan.
  • Another important aspect of a safety plan is that it should be clean and adequate. Usually, residential buildings have a tendency to fill their plans with disdain knowledge. But, it’s no good if it cannot save a life. So, in other words, a serene plan is one that is not above the limit but also not below it.

All in all, an evacuation plan is clearly necessary for security reasons. It’s not merely a plan that brings about total security within a group of people. It is how it’s implemented. So, you should always carry out evacuation plans, certain drives also need to be organized within a certain time frame so as to take a peek into its working stage. Sometimes, it may happen that an exclusively exquisite plan turns out to be hollow and ash. This ash is a result if it’s working improperly. So, a plan should work with proper implementation and correct planning.

We can sump to say, that an evacuation plan is a deciphered form of pre-planned safety and a feeling of care for innocent lives and livelihood.

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