Extreme Applications!

Extreme Applications!

Sometimes when you're choosing an emergency light you need to get extreme! There are many environments where run of the mill exit signs just won't get the job done - in the bone-chilling cold of Northern Alaska, the water-drenched deck of a tropical resort, or facilities that contain flammable dust. Standard thermoplastic emergency lights are great for office buildings and schools, but special locations call for special fixtures. Enter the Extreme Emergency Light!

This rugged fixture is NEMA-4X rated for harsh environments that contain humidity, water, sleet, snow, dust, and just about any other non-corrosive material you can throw at it. The Extreme Emergency Light is ready to provide clear light anywhere it is installed thanks to Halogen Mr16 lamp heads that come in 6, 12, or 20 watt varieties. If you'd like to go green, this emergency lights can also be equipped with 4W LED MR16 lamp heads for increased energy efficiency. This fixture really starts to shine when it is outfitted with the optional cold weather package. This feature allows the Extreme Emergency Light to remain functional in temperatures that plummet to -40º F.

Not only is this fixture durable, it is also highly customizable. You can put just about any battery in this fixture to extend the runtime or allow for more powerful illumination. It comes standard with a 6-volt 18-watt lead calcium battery that will provide at least 90 minutes of emergency illumination, but a nickel-cadmium or nickel-metal hydride can be used for more efficient operation.

Just remember - if your environment is extreme, your emergency light must be equally as extreme. The Extreme Emergency Light is UL 924 listed for use throughout the US and is guaranteed to stand up to just about any condition you can throw at it.

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