50W Mini Metal Halide Wall Pack

50W Mini Metal Halide Wall Pack


The 50W mini metal halide wall pack projects brilliant illumination in temperatures as low as -22° F. A flame-resistant borosilicate glass protects the high intensity lamps inside the aluminum housing. 

50W metal halide lamps create illumination from an electric arc (instead of a filament like incandescent models) sparked within an energized gaseous mix of vaporized mercury and metal halides.

Known throughout the lighting industry as high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps, MH fixtures are classified as gas discharge lamps. Metal halide is twice as efficient as mercury vapor and HPS lights, and are three to five-times that of incandescents!

Key Features

  • 50 watt BD17 MH-type lamps included
  • Can accommodate many MH lamps, ranging from 50-100 watts
  • UL Listed for wet locations across the U.S.
  • Can withstand prolonged cold weather as low as -22° F
  • 2-year warranty
  • Buy America Certificate  


50 mini watt metal halide fixtures are the most energy-efficient mini-wall packs we carry in the MH category. They are a great choice for locations that only need a nominal amount of illumination or are looking to install a string of units at the lowest price possible.

These units work best at knee or chest-heights along walkways, staircases and near exits. 

External Specification

Built with a strong, die-cast aluminum casing and given an architectural bronze powder-coating finish. A heat-resistant borosilicate refractor covers the lamps inside. Stainless steel screws and gaskets seal the unit completely from outside moisture. 

MH-50 wall packs have 1/2" conduit junctures at the bottom for surface mounts and conduit points in back for attachment to any 4" j-box.

Internal Specification

The BD17 50W tube screws into a medium based 4KV glazed porcelain socket. Light is directed and amplified by a rear-installed anodized aluminum reflector.

An HX-HPF ballast converts incoming AC power into a voltage acceptable to excite the metal halide elements in the lamp while regulating any sudden overloads.

Electrical Specification

This unit can toggle between 2 wire inputs:

    • Double-tap for 120/277 VAC
    • Multi-tap for 120/208/240/277 VAC


Photocontrol Photocell - Sensor detects sunrise and sunset and automatically activates the light accordingly. 

    • Select 'PC1' for 120V photocontrol
    • Select 'PC2' for 208-277V photocontrol

Wireguard - Further protection against vandalism.

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