100W Small HPS Wall Pack

100W Small HPS Wall Pack


100W small HPS wall packs use sodium vapor lamp technology similar to those found in streetlights. Because this high intensity light uses charged vapors instead of metal filaments, they generate a huge amount of light at only a fraction of the power consumed by equivalent incandescent lights. 

These small wall packs are built with incredibly durable aluminum housings and are hermetically sealed to lock out moisture, rain, snow and ice buildup inside the unit. The piece of mind you get from installing one of these attractive fixture are unparalleled - with the applicable options installed, they automatically turn on when it gets dark outside, and will even go into an energy-saving proximity mode that only stays lit when people are present. 

With the proper routine maintenance, these units will last up to ten years in the harshest of conditions.

Key Features

    • Powerful HPS lamp consumes only 100W of power.
    • Anodized aluminum reflector provides uniform luminescence
    • UL Listed for wet locations
    • Can sustain temperatures as low as -22° F
    • 2-year warranty
    • Buy America approved


These multifunctional units can be mounted to any 4" junction box or vertical surface in many commercial, industrial and residential applications including:

    • Lobbies 
    • Atriums 
    • Markets
    • Subway platforms
    • Private homes

External Specification

The 100W small HPS wall pack features a vandal-resistant borosilicate glass lens with a prismatic refractor to protect the lamp. The housing is made with die-cast aluminum that has been powder coated with a bronze finish. The finish combined with fully gasketed seams protects the inner components from foul weather.

Internal Specification

An anodized aluminum reflector on the HPS-100 provides uniform light distribution. B17 type HPS bulbs easily screw into a medium base, glazed porcelain socket pulse rated for 4KkV. Works with either a R-NPF or HXHPF type ballast that can operate in sub-freezing temperatures.

Electrical Specification

Single-tap (120VAC), Multi-tap (120/208/240/277VAC) or 480VAC inputs can be toggled. Unit connects to house electrical power via 1/2" NPS conduit points.


Single or Double-lined Side Fuse - Specify 120, 208, 240, 277 or 480V requirements.

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