100W Small Metal Halide Wall Pack

100W Small Metal Halide Wall Pack


Our 100W small MH wall packs put out a brilliant night light in an impact and weather-resistant housing that will last up to ten years in the harshest conditions. 

These small wall pack units use 100W metal halide lamps - a bulb which produces light using an electric arc instead of inefficient filaments found on incandescent lamps.

These TL104-MH-100 is known in the industry as high-intensity discharge (HID) luminaire or gas discharge lamps. Metal halide has twice the efficiency of mercury vapor lights and three to five-times that of incandescent.

Key Features

    • Metal halide lamps produce brilliant light
    • Dark Sky approved 
    • UL Listed for wet locations across the U.S.
    • Can withstand prolonged cold weather as low as -22° F
    • 2-year warranty
    • Buy America Certificate 


These wall packs mount to any 4" junction box, or you can mount them on the wall and feed a waterproof electrical conduit into the 1/2" NPT conduit points. The TL104-MH-100 is on the compact side of the wall pack spectrum, making them highly suited for outdoor pool areas, apartment atriums and public parks.

100W small wall packs are individually tested for watertight and all-weather capabilities to last for half a decade without fault, if regular maintenance is performed. 

External Specification

100W fixtures have a durable, die-cast aluminum enclosure, powder coated with a corrosion-shielding bronze finish. Behind the lamp has an anodized reflector to focus the light and tamper-proof borosilicate lens protects the lamp.

Internal circuitry and bulb can be easily accessed via a hinged face panel that is fully gasketed to prevent the intrusion of water and moisture.

Internal Specification

A BD17 100W bulb is secured in a 4KV pulse rated porcelain socket. The bulb will last about two years of continuous use. Many of our customers order the optional photo control IR cell which detects the sunrise and sunset, which activates the light accordingly.

Electrical Specification

Metal Halide wall packs consume only 100 watts of electricity. 

      • Double-tap (120/277VAC), 
      • Multi-tap (120/208/240/277VAC) or 
      • 480VAC input.


2-year warranty


Photocontrol Photocell - Select 'PC1' for 120 V; 'PC2' for 208-277V photocontrol.

Wireguard - adds further protection from vandalism.

Glare Shield - Further protects occupants from accidentally looking at the light from either side.

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