400W Large and Deep HPS Wall Pack

400W Large and Deep HPS Wall Pack


The 400W large and deep HPS wall pack is a large aluminum outdoor fixture that projects brilliant illumination in the roughest environments. They can operate in temperatures as low as -22° F and feature installed rubber gaskets to keep out water and moisture.

This 400W HPS wallpack is similar to the gas discharge lamps found in street lighting. High-pressure sodium vapor (HPS) lamps use sodium in an excited state, creating a bright arc when electrified. HPS produces white light and has a broader spectrum than low-pressure street lamps that give off an ugly yellow glow.

The HPS-400 put out less light pollution than mercury-vapor models, making them a preferred luminary in many districts. HPS bulbs should last for over 20,000 hours of continuous use.

Key Features

  • UL Listed for Wet Locations
  • Can withstand cold temperatures as low as -22° F
  • 2-year warranty
  • Buy America Certificate 


The 400 watt large and deep HPS wall pack is a bulky, durable luminaire that is a great choice for lighting outdoor parking lots, sidewalks and as beauty lighting for building facades. Installing a couple HPS-400s in place of medium or small HPS units can actually save you time and money, since one of these units will put out an enormous amount of light.

External Specification

HPS-400s are constructed with a robust, die-cast aluminum casing with an architectural bronze finish. A semi-clear borosilicate refractor protects the HPS lamps inside. Stainless steel fasteners and rubber gaskets seal the unit completely from outside moisture. 

They have 1/2" conduit entry points at the bottom for surface mounts and conduit points in back for attachment to any 4" j-box.

Internal Specification

The B17 400W tube fits in a 4KV glazed porcelain socket. The light they produce is directed and amplified by an internal anodized aluminum reflector.

A CWA ballast converts incoming AC power into a voltage applicable to the HPS tube and regulates any sudden overloads. Ballast can survive in temperatures as low as -22° F.

Electrical Specification

This unit can toggle between 2 wire inputs:

    • Single-tap for 480 VAC
    • Multi-tap for 120/208/240/277 VAC


Photocontrol Photocell - Sensor detects sunrise and sunset and automatically activates the light accordingly. Select 'PC1' for 120V photocontrol. Select 'PC2' for 208-277V photocontrol.

Full Cutoff Shield - Narrows the wall pack's beam into a focused spot on the ground and prevents light from trespassing into other property or into the sky.

Wireguard - Further protection against vandalism.

Polycarbonate guard - a clear shell that encases the entire unit, adding further protection against the elements.

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