WP106-M Series Medium Wall Pack

WP106-M Series Medium Wall Pack

Product Description

The medium wall pack is constructed with a die-cast aluminum housing with an attractive bronze powder coating finish, making them highly resistant to corrosion. A borosilicate glass refractor protects the lamps inside, which are available in 4-pin CFL, induction, BD17 metal halide or B17 HPS lamp types.

The WP106 can be wired to a 4" junction box or back-mounted to any surface usint 1/2" NPS conduits. These powerful wallpacks are commonly used outdoors for parking areas, walkways, or recreation areas.

Our medium aluminum wall packs have a convenient hinged design for easy access to the lamps and ballasts. Choose a 120V or 208-277V photocontrol cell option to conserve power when areas are vacant.


  • UL Listed for Wet Locations
  • Can use CFL, HPS, pulse start metal halide or induction lamps in various wattages
  • Anodized aluminum reflectors for maximum and even light disbursal
  • Buy America option available
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