150W HPS Small Flood Light

150W HPS Small Flood Light


The 150W HPS small flood light is the most powerful compact floodlight we carry. Weighing in at a mere 5 lbs, this die-cast aluminum outdoor luminaire produces a considerable light using a single 150-watt B17 high pressure sodium lamp that twist-locks into a medium base glazed porcelain socket. The WP201-HPS-150-120 has an anodized aluminum rear reflector which distributes the light evenly and efficiently.

These 150W HPS small flood lights are great for both commercial and residential applications and easily attach to a ground stake or post fitting using a 1/2" adjustable NPT knuckle. This flood light is fully gasketed and highly resistant to water and humidity.

If you would like to purchase the WP201-HPS-150-120, just phone our our 24/7 helpline at 800-839-4734. To obtain further information, spec sheets or quotes please email the sales staff.

Key Features

  • HX-HPF ballast rated at -30°C (-22°F)
  • CSA Approved for Wet Locations
  • 150 watt B17 HPS lamp included
  • Completely watertight and weatherproof
  • Light shipping weight
  • Buy America option available

Electrical Options

  • Single - 120VAC
  • Double-tap - 120/277VAC
  • Multi-tap - 120/208/240/277VAC

Mounting Options

  • Post top fitter (2-1/3" to 3-1/2")
  • Ground stake with wiring compartment (1/2" hub)


Please call 800-839-4734 to ensure option availability.

Photocontrol Photocell - adds a sunrise/sunset detector that automatically turns the unit on and off, ideal for maintenance-free energy savings. Select 120V or 208-277V photocontrol.

Spot Reflector - replaces the standard wide-angle reflector for a more focused and intense beam.

Wire Guard - puts a protective aluminum 'cage' around the lens.

Glare Shield - barndoor-style adjustable shield for reducing light pollution and accidental blinding.

Polycarbonate Guard - Extra waterproof protection for your lens.

Buy America - selecting this option ensures your light was manufactured by American workers and supports US business.

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