WP701 Series 43" Extruded  Aluminum Bollard Lights

WP701 Series 43" Extruded Aluminum Bollard Lights

These architectural outdoor lighting are often used to light walkways, steps or other pathways. Perfect for security or to accent landscapes, these 43" bollards are built from heavy duty, extruded aluminum enclosures. Available in black, white, or a bronze powder coated finish, the enclosures are highly resistant to corrosions. UL Listed for Wet Location, it is fully sealed and gasketed to provide protection for the lamp, socket, and wiring. The UV stabalized polycarbonate lens are resistant to high-impact and provide protection for the lamps and reflectors.

The WP701 Series is available with choices of I.E.S Type 3 or Type 5 prismatic, borosilicate glass refractors. Available High Pressure Sodium lamps from 35 to 100 watts or Metal Halide lamps from 50 to 100 watts, uses a medium base, porcelain socket, 120/277VAc input.


  • UL Listed for Wet Location
  • Heavy duty aluminum enclosure are corrosion resistant
  • Available in black, white or bronze powder coated finish
  • I.E.S. Type 3 or Type 5 prismatic, borosilicate 
    glass refractors available.
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