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The SVXH is a Class 1 Division 2 rated_LED exit sign with emergency lights combination unit. This fixture is rate for hazardous locations that feature ignitable and flammable gases, vapors, or liquids. Class 1 Div 2 environments include paint shops, oil refineries, power plants, and chemical processing facilities. Using a combo class 1 div 2 exit sign is an efficient solution; there is only one fixture to purchase and one battery backup system to maintain while two fire code requirements are satisfied.

Class 1 Division 2 Hazardous Location Exit Signs Emergency Lights Combo

The body of the SVXH is made from aluminum and features a vandal proof polycarbonate faceplate that protects the unit from moisture and abuse. The polycarbonate faceplate is fully gasket and and fastened with stainless steel tamper resistant screws. A poly-vinyl chloride frame features a built-in gasket that seals out moisture. This hazardous location exit sign with emergency lights is corrosion and and flame resistant.

Two 10-watt, bottom-mounted MR16 Halogen lamps provide powerful egress illumination. The lamps are easily positions and protected by a polycarbonate shield. The nickel cadmium exit sign and emergency light battery backup system operates the fixture_for at least 90 minutes after AC power loss._120 or 277v dual voltage operation. UL 844 an 924 Listed, Class 1 Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D.


  • Rated for Class 1 Division 2 hazardous locations
  • Combo unit is a 2 for 1 solution
  • Push-to-test button with LED charging indicator
  • Halogen MR16 hazardous location emergency lights
  • UL 844, 924, and 1604 Listed for the United States
  • 5 year warranty

External Specifications

This Class 1 Division 2 exit sign and emergency lights combo is composed of an aluminum housing paired with a polycarbonate faceplate that cover the LED exit sign and halogen emergency lamps. The housing and faceplate are sealed together to prevent fluids, vapors, and gases from entering the inside of the SVXH exit sign. The housing is tamper-resistant and features a hermetically sealed magnetic test switch that allows for easy testing of the nickel cadmium battery backup system. The entire housing is vandal resistant and approved for use in high abuse areas such as schools and prisons.

These types of fixtures are known as explosion proof exit signs with emergency lights, because the housing is hermetically sealed to prevent the intrusion of any type of gas, vapor, or liquid which could ignite a fire or explosion.

Internal Specifications

Red or green LED (Light Emitting Diode) light strips provide brilliant and powerful EXIT illumination while consuming less than 5 watts of electricity at all times. Included Self-Testing Diagnostics constantly monitor the circuit board, transformer, and battery backup system for emergency mode readiness. The results of the self-testing are displayed via LED lights that indicate the functionality of the exit sign at all times.

Electrical Specifications

Class 1 Division 2 combo exit signs operate using 120/277v AC power. This exit sign is surge-protected, solid-state circuitry that provides for a reliable charging system. Other voltages available upon request such as 220v and 240v. Some models feature a temperature compensated charger. Charging system is complete with low voltage disconnect, AC lockout, and brownout protection. Test button is standard.

Battery Specifications

Class 1 Div 2 exit signs feature a maintenance-free Nickel Cadmium emergency light exit sign battery provides 90 minutes of emergency support and lasts for 5-7 years. The SVXH Class 1 Division 2 Combo Exit Sign can be outfitted with a higher capacity batter that can operate 1 remotely located emergency lamp head.

Code Compliance

Class 1 Division 2, Groups A, B, C, and D. UL 924, UL 844, and UL 1604 Listed for the United States.


Three-year warranty on parts, four-year prorated warranty on lead calcium battery, five-year prorated warranty on nickel cadmium battery.

Maintenance Profile

The maintenance required for this unit is monthly and yearly testing of the battery backup system per OSHA regulations. The emergency lamps are replaceable if broken or burnt out.


8-10 year expected lifespan on all components except replaceable battery.


Internal Battery Heater_- The battery heater option enables the battery backup version of this hazardous location exit sign to operate in freezing temperature locations, as low as -4 degrees Fahrenheit.


Pairing class 1 division 2 emergency lights with a similar rated exit signs creates a unique and efficient exit lighting solution. The housing is rated for Class 1 Division 2 environments yet still offers the appeal associated with less industrial exit sign combos. MR16 lamps are compact and attractive._

Overall Value

At the price offered, the SVXH hazardous location exit sign and emergency light combo is an extremely high-value. It will be a reliable and durable exit sign and emergency light solution for years to come.


Class 1 Div 2 exit signs and emergency lights is suitable for surface (wall and ceiling) installation. This model is suitable for installations on normally inflammable surfaces. Use two of three provided wires to connect the unit to AC power. Use the black(120v) and white(Common) wires for 120v AC connections and the red(277v) and white(Common) wires for 277v AC connections.