Non-Electric Exit Signs

Wireless Power-Free Exit Signs operate without the need for electricity (AC) or battery power. Illuminated through either photoluminescence ("glow-in-the-dark") or radioluminescence (low-level nuclear decay), these self-powered exit signs offer effortless installation. As they do not rely on a building's AC power, setup requires no access to conduit, outlet, or electrician services, resulting in minimal installation expenses. With no power consumption or need for electronics or batteries, these signs incur zero lifetime maintenance costs.

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Non Electrical Exit Signs

Non powered exit signs do not require electricity. There are two types, both of which glow in the dark. All models listed below are UL 924 Listed for the United States and Canada. They can be used in place of traditional electrical exit signs and are guaranteed to be building and fire code compliant.

The first type of non illuminated sign, photoluminescent, absorbs light and then glows in dark environments, such is the case when AC power is lost and a building's lighting system fails. Photoluminescent exit signs are suitable for indoor commercial applications where the lights are normally on when the building is occupied. They are popular for apartments, offices, schools, hospitals and other similar applications.

The second type, self-luminous, use a glowing form of hydrogen gas, known as tritium, to constantly illuminate. There is absolutely no power source needed (including light) for self-luminous exit signs to operate. Self-luminous exit signs are completely universal, they can be placed indoors or outdoors. In the case of applications where light is not available all the time or the sign is being placed outdoors, choose a self-luminous exit sign.