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Power Free / Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Harnessing the incredible scientific process of photoluminescence, power free exit signs function by absorbing light, then utilize that light energy to glow in the dark. A technology somewhat newer than electrically lit signage, photoluminescent exit signs are nonetheless a highly trusted and extremely reliable option for emergency lighting. Here is a few benefits:

  • Remarkable longevity: In contrast to the impressive longevity even of LED lit exit signs (typically 8-10 years), power free exit signs enjoy a standard lifespan of 25 years.
  • Minimal maintenance requirements: Because this type of lighting relies on the absorption of environmental light, it is virtually completely self-sustaining. Very little light is required to power this type of sign, which can subsist on the basic indoor lighting of most commercial, residential, and retail spaces.
  • Compliance with legal safety standards: Photoluminescent exit signs meet the same federal guidelines for safety as electrical exit signs, and are fully UL listed for compliance throughout the United States and Canada.

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