Remote Head Emergency Lights

A "remote head" serves as an independent lamp without an internal power source. When linked via wiring to a compatible emergency light or exit sign with remote head capabilities, it offers an effective method of augmenting illumination. During a power outage, the remote lamp head functions for 90 minutes just like a standalone emergency light. As the base unit contains the battery, charger, and control circuitry, remote heads offer a cost-effective way to expand your emergency lighting system.

Choosing the right voltage remote heads is crucial. The Exit Light Company offers 12-volt, 6-volt, and low-voltage LED remote heads in various wattages and bulb types, including both indoor and outdoor weatherproof options.

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Emergency Lights with Remote Head

At Emergency Lights Co., we provide a range of remote head units designed for use alongside remote-capable emergency lights or exit signs. These remote emergency lights are designed to offer additional backup lighting locations without the need for extra lighting systems. The outcome is a flexible solution with minimal cost and maintenance requirements.

No Battery - No Problem

As the remote head operates solely on the emergency battery system of its parent unit, it eliminates the need for its own batteries, resulting in a more streamlined unit. By incorporating our remote heads with our remote-capable egress lights, designers can significantly reduce the number of fixtures required.

Our remote emergency lights feature versatile designs and are suitable for wet and hazardous environments. Most models utilize a single remote head or double remote head lamp mounted on a wedge base with mounting holes and adjustable positioning; clients can enhance their power output to accommodate up to 75 watts. These remote heads offer all the essential features of traditional egress lighting without the complexity of an additional battery system.

Selecting the appropriate remote heads for a building is crucial, much like choosing the right emergency lighting fixture; depending on location requirements, projects may necessitate remote emergency lights with standard or enhanced protection.

Standard Thermoplastic Remote Heads

Available at a budget-friendly starting price, our thermoplastic PAR remote head is tailored for indoor use across a spectrum of commercial settings. Engineered with a thermoplastic housing, it holds a damp location rating and boasts resilience against moderate impact and corrosion. The lamps offer varying sizes and customizable finishes. Robust and steadfast, these egress lighting companions are remarkably straightforward to install.

For an optimal balance of affordability, quality, and aesthetics, explore our PAR 36 Aluminum Double Remote Heads for your upscale projects. These remote emergency lights assure reliability and sophistication to complement refined interiors.

For properties exposed to heavy foot traffic and susceptible to external tampering, consider our distinctive Vandal Proof remote design featuring a vacuum metalized reflector. Engineered for enduring durability, it remains operational even in the face of vandalism.

Weather-rated Wet Location Remote Heads

For outdoor applications, we offer a wide array of wet location remote heads, NEMA-rated and ideal for extreme weather conditions. Our NEMA 4X Outdoor series, available in single or double lamp configurations, withstand harsh elements with the same durability as our wet location emergency lights. Contractors can opt to pair an indoor emergency fixture with this cost-effective outdoor remote emergency light, eliminating the necessity for separate battery compartments.

Extreme Hazardous Location Remote Heads

In demanding industrial settings exposed to severe weather and hazardous conditions, we offer top-tier protection. Our remote heads, constructed with 20-gauge steel and double tungsten, boast hazardous location ratings and remarkable resilience against chemicals and explosions. Despite their exceptional performance, they are significantly more cost-effective compared to traditional egress lighting options.

Enclosed in polycarbonate and equipped with double tungsten, our Class 1 Division 2 remote heads are explosion and corrosion-resistant, featuring potent halogen lighting for superior illumination. Designers can seamlessly integrate our Industrial Grade Class 1 Division 2 emergency lighting fixture with multiple remote emergency lights, resulting in substantial cost savings for manufacturing facilities, food processing plants, and similar environments.