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Run Time Extended Emergency Lights

When choosing the most effective and compliant iterations of extended run time emergency lights, it’s important to understand local and federal regulations, along with the demands of your particular space. At Emergency Lights Co., we’re here to help you identify the options best suited to your needs, and to help you select among 3, 4, and even a 24-hour variations for the emergency lighting in your building.

In order to meet standard compliance guidelines, emergency lights are required to be equipped with a 90-minute power backup. However, for certain settings, this timeframe may not be sufficient. For added protection, run time extended emergency lights provide reliable power for substantially longer intervals. This type of emergency lighting is especially recommended for remote locations, and for industrial settings in which rolling blackouts, extended power outages, and restricted electrical support are in effect. If you’re unsure whether your location requires extended run time emergency lights, we encourage you to give our team of emergency lighting experts a call at (800) 480-0707 to receive a custom quote and free, no-obligation advice.

When it comes to emergency lighting, the essential purpose of extended run time emergency lights is to ensure your team’s safety regardless of environmental conditions or extenuating circumstances. Order your emergency lights today, and get the best value on the fixtures you need.

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