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Steel Emergency Lights

steel emergency lightsEmergency lighting requirements vary greatly across the nation. Many building codes, such as those in New York City, explicitly require egress lights to have steel housing as the material’s high tensile strength makes it the ultimate shield for emergency lighting systems. When it comes to durability, steel emergency lights are superior by far.

Emergency Lights Co. is more than just the end-seller of steel egress lights. We manufacture and deliver on product and service levels. We take great pride in our “ABLE” steel emergency lighting:

  • Durable
  • Customizable
  • Dependable
  • Affordable

Moreover, most of our steel emergency lights come with flexible functionalities guaranteed to give clients more for their worth.


Steel is a favored material in the construction industry, especially in egress lighting. Why? Imagine a power outage during a fire hazard - everyone is trying to evacuate, but there is a problem - the cardboard housings protecting emergency lighting sensors and controls are melting away with the hallway fire. Oh no!

Thankfully, that scenario won’t happen with our steel emergency lights. Steel housing offers full protection against weather and vandalism, making our egress lights durable and dependable.


steel emergency lightOur steel lights are paired up with PAR lamp heads to provide optimal lighting during emergency situations. The Heavy Duty Steel Light 375-watt model uses two 9.0-watt PAR lamps to give a powerful illumination for at least 90 minutes after power goes out. Models are also available with 5.4 or 7.2 watt lamp heads for clients to choose from depending on building and design specifications.

But of course, not all steel emergency lights have to come with the powerful PAR. If your design favors strong construction with a thin-profile lighting, check out our collection of LED or Halogen MR16 models, compact for low ceilings and tight corners.


During an extended blackout, businesses require more than just the 90 minutes lighting standard. Our company provides 24 Hour Emergency Light which, as suggested by name, guarantees 24 hours of backup power. Constructed from 20-gauge steel, these lights come with 9 watt lamp heads, though higher lamp heads are available upon request. Clients may also choose a similar 3, 4, 6, or 8 Hour model if shorter lighting time is required


industrial steel emergency lightEmergency Lighting Co. manufactures egress lights with customizable lamp heads and colors for a more aesthetic appeal.

Our steel emergency lights are packed with many optional add-on functions; the popular NEMA 12 unit, like many others, can be purchased with a self-diagnostic function to provide user alerts, internal heating for cold locations, and a time-delay function if lighting needs to stay on after power restoration.

Additionally, many of our steel emergency lights can be ordered without lamp heads to act as an independent power supply for other fixtures.



Here at Emergency Lights Co., we are constantly striving to keep our prices within client budgets. Our superior-quality steel emergency lights run from as low as just $90!

Though our prices are low, our service is top notch - 24 hours of customer assistance available on-call. Emergency Lights Co. guarantees product and service satisfaction, and our staff will be happy to assist your needs every step of the way.

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