Wet Location Exit Signs

Exit signs, emergency lights, and combination units designed for wet locations are crafted from water-resistant materials to protect internal components from moisture exposure. Suitable for outdoor environments or areas prone to water spray, these products ensure functionality even in damp conditions. Combo units offer convenient all-in-one solutions for locations needing both exit signs and emergency lighting.

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Wet Location Rated Exit Signs

Ideal for settings in which exposure to moisture is a factor, wet location exit signs provide a safe and reliable solution for anyone with emergency signage needs.

With rare exceptions, most settings are periodically subjected to rain, sleet, snow, or other types of moisture. Waterproofing and weatherproofing help to ensure the functionality of emergency exit signage regardless of environmental conditions. Outfitted with watertight fiberglass enclosures, our wet location exit signs are not only waterproof, but several models - such as this vandal proof LED exit sign with green letters - are tamperproof as well.

Our selection includes basic units, such as this wet location red LED exit sign, as well as especially heavy-duty models for even more advanced protection, such as this NEMA 4x wet location greed LED exit sign. For settings in which emergency lights are also required, we also offer convenient combination units, and offer variations such as single- or double-sidedness, battery heating, and self-diagnostic features.

At Emergency Lights Co., we pride ourselves on offering not only the highest quality wet location exit signs at the most affordable price, but also the highest caliber of customer service and product support in the industry. All units come with a full warranty, reliable shipping, and fast turnaround time to meet our customers’ needs.