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In striving to adhere to local and national guidelines for emergency exit lighting, it can be easy to become overwhelmed by an abundance of options, requirements, and maintenance responsibilities. At Emergency Lights Co., we’re committed to streamlining this process, and to making the experience of purchase and maintenance as simple as possible.

For individuals interested in minimal maintenance, self testing exit signs provide an extremely appealing option. Law requires monthly maintenance checks on all emergency exit signs, and by implementing a self testing version, you can save yourself an extraordinary amount of time, stress, and effort over the lifespan of your emergency lighting system. (Click here to view our broad selection of self-testing emergency exit signage, or to learn which exit signs are self testing.)

Of course, all our units are UL listed and meet compliance standards for use throughout the United States. Self testing technology offers a very affordable, user-friendly complement to the efficacy of emergency exit signs, as demonstrated by this self-diagnostic testing LED exit sign. Whatever your needs, we’re committed to helping you find the right self testing exit signs to suit your specific setting.

At Emergency Lights Co., we understand that you have enough to worry about without the hassle of complicated maintenance tasks. For assistance in selecting the best unit for you, contact us anytime at or (800) 480-0707.

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