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120-130 Volt Lamps

  • S6 miniature bulb Ba15d base 130 volt 6 watt - LP-127
  • T4 halogen bulb Ba15d base 120 volt 35 watt - LP-150
  • T4 halogen bulb Ba15d base 120 volt 50 watt - LP-149
  • 120V 50W MR16 halogen bulb bi pin - LP-0255

120-130V Bulbs for Emergency Lights

You need lamps that last as long as the operations of your business. You also want to choose the right kinds of volts and bulbs. Emergency Lights Co. provides 120-130 volt lamps that you will find it easy to attach onto emergency signs. The average lifespans of the bulbs are 2,500 hours.