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  • Decorative black dome shape battery backup light, LED lamps - EXT-NF4-WB-BL
  • Black LED emergency light, with adjustable lamps - BST-LEDR2-B
  • Decorative white dome shape battery backup light, LED lamps - EXT-NF4-WB
  • Steel emergency light with square LED lamps - BST-LEDSDXR627
  • Wet location LED light battery backup with water proof cover - BST-RMR16-WP-LED
  • Small emergency lighting 2 LED flood lamps - BST-E1
  • Wet area outdoor emergency light with 2 bug eye heads - BST-LEDTFX-2
  • Black plastic 2.2W LED emergency light - LED-90-BL
  • Very small egress light with round LED lamps - EXT-LED-52
  • Oval shape outdoor LED emergency light cold weather - LED
    $29.99 $28.99
  • Plastic emergency light with 2x1.1W square lamps - LED-90
    $52.49 $22.79
  • Plastic LED emergency lighting, with adjustable lamps - BST-LEDR2-B
  • Mini outdoor LED emergency light fixture - NF2-WB-15L-WH
  • Self test plastic 2x1.1W LED emergency light - LED-90-G2
    $69.99 $42.99
  • Self test black plastic LED emergency light - LED-90-G2-BL
  • Remote head ready plastic LED emergency light - LED-90-R
  • Remote head ready black plastic LED emergency light - LED-90-R-BL
  • Euro style IP65 rectangular LED emergency light - EL-65
  • Decorative 10W LED wet location / cold weather emergency wall pack - LEDWL
  • Outdoor linear LED emergency light - NF5-WB-10L-WM-WH

All LED Emergency Lights

At Emergency Lights Co., we know that you don’t have to sacrifice beauty for performance. If you want something small, dependable, and aesthetically pleasing, look no further than our superb selection of LED emergency lights. Combining long life, low energy consumption, and an understated profile, LEDs are the perfect choice for when you need a reliable and unobtrusive emergency light. Made in America to exacting specifications, our LED emergency lights are built tough and built to last. Browse our website and place an order with us today.

Our Selection

From outdoor to indoor, large to small, we have an excellent selection of LED lights for all of your emergency lighting needs. Want something pretty? Take a look at our outdoor lighting, which comes in beautiful brushed aluminum with a variety of colors and color combinations. Need to tuck your light away? Our wall-recessed hidden LED is perfect for that functional yet subdued look. Just looking for something that works right and won’t break the bank? Our basic emergency lights combine American quality with low prices. When you buy with us, you can rest assured that you will get great quality and fantastic service at a low price. That’s not something our competitors can offer. Take a look at just a small sample of our collection:

  • LED MR16 Emergency Lightoutdoor led emergency lighting
  • Self-Testing LED
  • Wall-Recessed Hidden LED
  • Outdoor Linear LED

And many more! Browse through our collection and place an order today!

Outdoor Lights for all Occasions

Tired of your incandescent’s sickly yellow glow? Shake things up with our outdoor LED emergency lighting, built for beauty, and performance. Powered by a nickel cadmium battery, this light will last long and keep on going. Choose from a variety of die-cast aluminum housings, in white, black, bronze, or silver finishes. It’s even rated for wet locations, so in rain or shine, you can light up your workplace in style!

Discreet Elegance in Indoor Lights

wall recessed led lightIf your office, restaurant, hotel, or apartment is in need of a little flair without the ostentation, take a look at our selection of indoor lights. Our wall-recessed LED light is designed to be flush with the wall, hiding all of its internal components in a premade cavity. With a powder-coated off-white finish, this light pairs well with most wall and ceiling paints, insuring it’s your business, and not your contingency plan, that gets the most attention. Powered by two MR16 LED lamps and with a self-powered battery unit, you can be safe in style with this light.

Service You Can Count On

We strive to surpass our competitors in the quality of our products and the flawlessness of our service. Whether you’ve already made your decision or you need some help, call us at (800) 580-0707, email us at, or interact with a member of our friendly customer service team at our online Help Center. Open all day, every day, we strive to meet all of your business’s needs. Contact us for a quote today!