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Need to Recharge a Sealed Lead Acid Battery? Learn the Best Practices!

As you know, all emergency lighting products require an internal power source to work during electrical failure. However, with the case of a Sealed Lead Acid unit, what's the best way to recharge once normal power has been restored.

When charging (or re-charging) your sealed lead acid battery, you should know that it's not as difficult as you may think. However, it's very important that you should heed to some important tips in order to do so successfully. 


1. Give It a Proper Charge

Your charger must provide the proper voltage (6V,12V or 24V) for your Sealed Lead Acid Battery. The most common method is referred to as Constant Voltage Charging. This method allows for the battery's individual cells to share the voltage between them.

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2. Don't Rush the Charge, Let it Run its Course!

The worst thing you can due is rush the charge time by increasing the voltage. By doing so, the unit will result in being overcharged which leads to overheating. An excessively overcharged battery will do nothing but kill the poor thing.

For example, using a 24V charger on a battery that operates a maxium of 6V or 12V will eventually lead to overheating. 

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3. Never Use a Charger with Low Voltage

This will only result in the battery never reaching maximum charge. In contrast to overcharging, undercharging will essentially lead to a reduction in voltage capacity thus creating a battery that needs to work harder. This will ultimately lead to a dying battery. 

Bascially, if your battery operates 12V, using a charger that only goes as high as 6V will eventually render it useless.

Now you've got the basic information for recharging your Sealed Lead Acid battery. If you need more in-depth information, contact one of our lighting specialists today! If you're looking to purchase an emergency lighting fixture and/or battery, contact us anytime at (800) 928-2848 or  email us now !