Dimensions Of Red Led Exit Sign Retrofit Kit

Q:  With regard to the Red LED Exit Sign Retrofit Kit: What are the dimensions in inches of these strips? I want to fit it into 8x8 housing. 

Our Red LED Exit Sign Retrofit Kit (277 Volt) will fit in any exit sign housing where an incandescent or fluorescent bulb has been used previously. The dimensions for the bulbs are 1/4"L x 7/8"W x 3/4"H.


This kit is very popular to allow our customers to make use of old emergency exit sign housings that used incandescent or fluorescent bulbs that are now either too difficult or too expensive to find. When retrofitting from earlier forms of lighting to LED, users will be able to have up to 97% efficiency in energy costs because these retrofit strips use 1.1 watts of power - which is an amazing 1/10th of the power previously consumed. Along with lower energy costs, there is no more need for maintenance as these strips have a life of approximately 20 -20 years.

The cost of our LED Exit Sign Retrofit Kit is 41.99 and ships within 72 hours. Call us for availability, shipping costs and estimated delivery dates.

 At Emergency Lights Co., your purchase is 100% guaranteed, so if it doesn’t fit or doesn’t work, we will replace it or refund you for it.*

***The warranty does not cover any damages that are caused by improper installation, abuse, fire or other natural disasters or acts of God.***