Why Do I Need Emergency Lights?

All public or private buildings are required by OSHA as well as city, state and federal law to have sufficient lighting and exit signs installed. Since any number of natural or man-made disasters can cause building blackouts, emergency lights will provide a safe path of egress for all building occupants.

Not having these fixtures, or not having sufficient illumination, will lead to heavy fines from multiple safety agencies. You will not be able to allow any personnel to re-enter the facility until it is brought up to code.

24-hour emergency support when you need it

Unlike other fly-by-night lighting websites, we are dedicated to streamlining your buying and installing process with free 24-hour support. We realize a good percentage of our customer's concerns and questions arise after the work day has ended.

Where can you turn to track an order or need help mounting an exit sign? We have actual employees manning the phones every hour of the day.