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Exit Sign - Red LED - Standard White - Battery Backup

8.00 LBS
Ships within 48-72 hours. Call for immediate availability.

Product Description


TEX LED Exit Sign

Your juice bar and eatery has a grand opening set for tomorrow. Up to this point you have spent close to a year renovating the shop at the expense of your health, savings and sanity. The fire marshall comes to do one last inspection of your shop and drops the bomb on you - the juice bar you have worked on for so long is unfit for human habitation - all because you are missing two exit signs!

You literally have $34 left in your savings account. You're scrambling around, looking for a fast, cheap solution that will allow you to pass inspection. Luckily, the standard Red LED Exit Sign is here to save your life, as well as your wallet! This thermoplastic exit sign is basic yet utterly convenient and doesn't take a genius to install. And unlike the garbage signs they sell at Home Depot, the EXIT-TP-R-W-BB comes fully-warrantied and listed to UL924 Emergency Lighting Standards, guaranteed to pass any inspection with flying colors.


  • The most affordable exit sign in existence
  • LED illumination consumes less than 5 watts of electricity
  • Truly universal sign that can be used for single and double-sided use
  • Includes mounting canopy and hardware for wall, ceiling or end-installation
  • Meets UL924 guidelines for use in any non-industrial building
  • 5-year warranty


The ultimate budget-busting solution for residential or light-commercial locations. Our Red LED Exit Sign is Damp Location listed per Underwriter's Laboratories standards, so they can withstand a moderate amount of moisture coming from your building HVAC or nearby weather doors. In certain US cities with moderate weather during the winter, these units can even mount outdoors if a sufficiently protected by an overhead canopy or awning.

External Specifications

The rectangular exit sign body is constructed of durable, corrosion-resistant thermoplastic. The EXIT-TP-R-W-BB comes as a single-sided unit out of the box. Suddenly realize you needed a double sided fixture? No worries, because each box includes a second faceplate! Each faceplate includes two field-applicable directional arrows.

Internal Specifications

Each exit sign we sell includes a Nickel Cadmium battery that will keep the sign lit for 90-minutes or more after normal building power fails. The EXIT-TP features a solid-state AC-DC switching that eliminates the possibility of relay failure found in older core-and-coil transformers.

But how do you know if the exit sign will actually work in an emergency? Just push the test button at the bottom, and the exit sign will tell you instantly!

Code Compliance

  • UL924 Listed for the U.S. and Canada
  • Canadian Standard CS860
  • NFPA, Life Safety 101
  • UL Listed for Damp Locations
  • Meets Energy Star requirements


Five-year warranty on parts, five-year prorated warranty on battery.

Maintenance Profile

Five-year warranty on parts, five-year prorated warranty on battery.


8-10 year expected lifespan on all components except replaceable battery (five-year lifespan).


This Red LED Exit Sign is suitable for both wall and ceiling installation. Use two of three provided wires to connect the unit to AC power. Use the black(120v) and white(Common) wires for 120v AC connections and the red(277v) and white(Common) wires for 277v AC connections.

Warranty Information

Five-year warranty

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