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Emergency Light, Hazardous - Class 1 Div 2

28.00 LBS
Item is made to order. 4-6 week lead time. Call for immediate product availability.

Product Description


The Class 2 Division 2 Steel Emergency Light is designed for use in environments that are known to contain combustible dust under abnormal conditions. In other words, those flammable materials that are not always present while the fixture is operational. The National Electrical Code (NEC) defines class 2 as combustible dust and division 2 as abnormal conditions. This fixture provides reliable emergency lighting in chemical plants, oil refineries, paint shops, and other facilities that contain combustable materials. Where other fixtures would catch fire, this rechargeable emergency light remains fully functional.

This fixture uses a gray polyester housing that is constructed from impact resistant fiberglass housing and stainless steel external hardware. The included lead calcium battery provides 90 minutes of emergency illumination and is fully charged in 24 hours. PAR 36 halogen lamps provide bright illumination for emergency egress when AC power is lost. The Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light features a push button battery testing system and can be outfitted with an optional self testing system that runs a one minute battery test every month and a 30 minute test every sixth and twelfth month. This fixture is UL 844 and 924 listed for use in the United States.


  • Class 2 Division 2 compliant for use in environments that may contain combustible dust
  • Fiberglass reinforced polyester housing
  • Lead calcium battery provides 90 minutes of emergency illumination
  • UL 844 and 924 listed for use in the United States
  • Three year warranty on electronics and one full year with four years prorated warranty


This fixture will remain operational in hazardous environments that contain flammable dust. Class 2 means it is capable of operation when surrounded by combustible dust, while division 2 means it is for abnormal (not always present) conditions.

External Specifications

The Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light is housed in impact resistant fiberglass reinforced gray polyester housing that features stainless steel external hardware. This housing is designed to keep internal components safe from combustible dusts and protect the fixture form moderate abuse. It also features a viewing window that allows the AC indicator to be monitored as well as the optional voltmeter and ammeter. Top-mounted PAR 36 halogen lamps are available in multiple wattage and provide bright emergency illumination. They are fully adjustable to satisfy a variety of lighting scenarios.

Internal Specifications

The Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light uses 120/277 dual-voltage operation to power the fixture and charge the lead calcium battery. It also features low-voltage disconnect, surge protection, brownout, and AC lockout features. The fully gasket housing protects the battery and other internal components from combustible dust that would ignite most other fixtures.

Lamp Specifications

This fixture comes standard with two fully adjustable PAR 36 halogen lamps. They provide bright emergency illumination for 90 minutes after AC power is cut. A variety of wattage lamp heads can be customized for this fixture. The Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light comes standard with two emergency lights, but can be customized to have three, one, or zero lamp heads. When outfitted with no lamp heads, this fixture operates as a power supply for remotely connected fixtures.


The Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light comes standard with a 6 volt 25 watt sealed lead calcium battery that will provide 90 minutes of emergency illumination. To order a higher capacity battery, please call us at 800-480-0707 for help choosing the right battery for your needs.


To purchase a fixture with one or more of these options, please call us at 800-480-0707 for pricing and availability.

  • Nickel-cadmium (Ni-Cd) battery: this battery typically last 5 to 7 years and are about the same size as AA batteries
  • Self testing system: automatic one minute tests are conducted every 30 days and 30 minute tests are conducted every sixth and twelfth month
  • Voltmeter: visually displays the voltage level of the battery
  • Ammeter: visually displays the current that the emergency light is consuming


The Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light uses a durable housing that is designed to protect against moderate abuse and flammable dusts.


This fixture features gray fiberglass housing that protects internal components while keeping the Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light as compact as possible.


The Class 2 Division 2 Emergency Light helps meet safety code compliance in a variety of processing plants.


This fixture easily back mounts to most nonflammable surfaces.

Warranty Information

Three years full electronics, one year and four prorated lead calcium, five years and five prorated nickel-cadmium battery.

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