Glow in the Dark Ultimate Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Stair Treads - Slide Glow Strip

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When it comes to owning or managing a building, safety is paramount. One minor accident can cause significant problems for everyone involved. In order to ensure that your building is as safe as it can possibly be, you need to consider many factors, and one of the most important is the stairway. Stairs have endless potential to cause severe accidents, which is why using glow in the dark anti-slip stair treads makes so much sense.

Plan for the Unexpected

An emergency situation can happen at any time. It doesn’t need to be something drastic like a fire. An incident as simple as a temporary power blackout can have severe consequences if you don’t have proper equipment and procedures to handle it. Our glow in the dark anti-slip stair treads make evacuation much safer and easier. Additionally, they make going up and down the stairs much safer after hours. After all, it is quite common for employees to stay late, or for maintenance workers to forget to turn on the lights. These stair treads provide critical illumination and traction.

Prevent Serious Problems

There are many issues that can arise if you don’t have proper safety equipment in place. One accident can lead to a lawsuit, which can potentially ruin a business forever. In places with full-time guests, such as apartments or hotels, it is important to have long-term safety features installed to prevent accidents. Our glow in the dark anti-slip stair treads are highly effective, and the low cost ensures that they fit into any budget. When you consider the monetary loss associated with falls down the stairs, it is clear that it would be foolish not to invest in stair treads.

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