ATG Electronics eLucent 75W Replacement (18W) 5- or 6-Inch Recessed Downlight (Warm, Dim, Energy Star, White Finish)

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SKU: HDL-T018W-01900D-H1 Brand: ATG Electronics Condition: New Weight: 3.00 LBS   ATG Electronics eLucent 75W Replacement (18W) 5- or 6-Inch Recessed Retrofit Downlight (Warm, Dim, Energy Star, White Finish)ATG Electronics eLucent ™ DR6 LED Downlight incorporates the latest in LED technology offering powerful and intense illumination for residential, retail, and commercial environments.Combining superior performance and energy-efficiency with a modern design, eLucent ™ DR6 LED Downlight is ideal for replacement of traditional recessed downlight. With an average efficiency of 60 lumens per watt, eLucent ™ DR6 LED Downlight provides adequate and uniform illumination for inside of the building.With a lower cost per delivered lumen over the life of the installation, it also features dimming capability, longevity with 40,000 hours life, maintenance- free operation.FEATURES:• Energy Star qualified (qualified for Energy Star REBATE)• RoHS compliant and constructed without any hazardous materials• Compatible with TRIAC dimmers• 3 Year Limited Warranty provided by ATG Electronics Specifications: Type of Light Fixture: LED Recessed Downlight Retrofit (Replace 5" or 6" Recessed Can) Light Output (lumens): 1100 (Comparable to 75W incandescent) Power (watts):  18 Color Accuracy (Color Rendering Index - CRI):  80 Light Color (Correlated Color Temperature - CCT):  3000 Kelvin (Bright Warm White)                                       Viewing Angle: 85 degrees Dimmable:  Yes Dimmers (Compatible): atg-electronics-recessed-downlight-dimmers.jpg   Voltage:  120V AC Construction: Die casting Finish: White Dimensions: 7.48" (W) x 4.33" (H) atg-electronics-recessed-downlight-dimensions.jpg Compliance: Energy Star, UL, cUL, FCC, RoHS