Ultimate Heavy Duty Anti-Slip Stair Treads - Solid Color

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Nobody wants to be responsible for an injury. Unfortunately, people hurt themselves on stairs every day, and many accidents could be prevented. In order to protect guests and personnel in your building, having heavy duty anti-slip stair treads is crucial. Our rugged stair treads are designed to prevent slippage effectively, while simultaneously protecting the stairs from wear and tear.

Ensure the Safety of Staff and Guests

It is important that people feel comfortable in your building. That means that you need to consider your safety features from many different perspectives. For example, you need to have features that allow people with handicaps to access all parts of the building. Installing commercial stair treads helps elderly people, children and anyone else with a disability to walk more confidently up or down the stairs. Stairs are hazardous by nature, so it is important to take steps to reduce the possibility of someone getting hurt.

Protect Your Livelihood

One preventable accident can lead to a serious lawsuit. Additionally, an overlooked detail can cause your building to fail an inspection, which in turn can cause a business to shut down temporarily while the building is brought back up to code. As you can imagine, closing shop for even a day can bring significant financial consequences, not to mention the substantial fines involved. Installing heavy duty anti-slip stair treads is a very important financial step to consider when managing a building.

Order from Emergency Lights Co.

Here at Emergency Lights Co., we proudly offer the highest-quality emergency and safety products at a fraction of the price you will find elsewhere. We sell wholesale products business to business, and our eleven warehouses give us the unique opportunity to keep prices low, allowing us to pass savings on to you. We will happily exchange or refund your purchase if you are unsatisfied, so place your order with confidence. We also provide 24-hour support on our products. Call us at (800) 480-0707 for more information, or simply order these heavy duty anti-slip stair treads now.