Non-Glow One Dimension Fire Extinguisher Sign Rigid PVC - Arrow Down

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Proper safety procedures and equipment should never be overlooked. Unfortunately many building owners and managers don’t realize how important safety signs are until it’s too late. When a fire occurs, timing is everything. Mere seconds can mean the difference between a minor and major problem. Our plastic fire extinguisher signs allow your building’s occupants or firefighters to locate and use fire extinguishers as quickly as possible.

Prevent Potential Disaster

There are many problems that can arise due to safety sign negligence. First and foremost, somebody, or multiple people, could be injured – or worse. Second, failure to provide adequate plastic fire extinguisher signs can lead to serious lawsuits. Finally, failing to meet city, state and federal building codes can mean severe penalties, not limited to substantial fines and temporary shutdown. When you consider how affordable our PVC fire extinguisher signs are, and how easy they are to install, there really is no reason not to purchase them immediately.

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