New York City Approved "Exit Through Lobby" Signs

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As a building owner or manager in New York, you are undoubtedly aware of the strict rules and regulations regarding emergency signage. Occupants need to be able to evacuate quickly and orderly if necessary, and having appropriate signs visible is an essential part of that. Our Exit Through Lobby signs meet New York’s rigid requirements, ensuring that your legal liabilities are satisfied.

Reduce Chaos During an Emergency

In an emergency situation, it is critical that people remain calm. However, that is not always possible, especially if people are panicking and don’t know where to go. Our New York-approved Exit Through Lobby signs are clearly visible, allowing the building’s occupants to navigate their way outside as quickly as possible. If a person is injured and they are not able to find their way out of the building, the negligent building owner will have to deal with serious penalties, not to mention the guilt involved.

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In order to prevent an unfortunate incident, simply install all necessary Exit Through Lobby signs in your building. Failing to meet New York building regulations is a serious offense that can cause significant monetary loss. Protect yourself and the people who depend on you by taking this easy and cheap step. We offer a full refund or exchange guarantee if you have any issues, so order with complete confidence. For the best prices and products, as well as exceptional 24-hour customer support, choose Emergency Lights Co.