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Chicago Emergency Light

The CHEL Series of emergency lights is designed for use throughout the City of Chicago. The steel housing is durable yet attractive and features a front access panel for easy maintenance and installation. Two, powerful top-mounted emergency lights provide 90 minutes of emergency illumination. A push button allows for easy testing of this Chicago emergency light. The unit is finished with a white powder coat, other colors available upon request.


Chicago Emergency Light Dimensions
  • 6 volt 24-54 watt capacity
  • Approved by the City of Chicago
  • Sturdy 20-gauge steel construction
  • 12-watt halogen style lamp heads provide powerful illumination
  • 90-minute emergency run time


The City of Chicago requires all emergency lights to be approved for use. There are a number of requirements regarding the construction and operation of emergency lights. This Chicago emergency light is designed for indoor use in all types of commercial facilities.


The 20-gauge steel housing is finished with a white baked enamel powder coat. The housing is also available in black or gray as well as custom colors, please call for more information. The housing features a front access panel that allows for simple access to the inside of the unit.


Utilizes 120/277v AC electricity to operate and charge the battery. Comes standard with solid state charging circuitry, low voltage disconnect, AC lockout, and brownout protection. Available in custom voltages upon request.

Lamp Specifications

When ordering this Chicago emergency light model as it is configured on this page you will receive a model with (2) PAR36, 12-watt lamp heads. Higher and more powerful lamp heads are also available; please call us to discuss other options and a price quote.

This steel emergency light comes with (2) lamp heads but can also be ordered with one; or no lamps at all. When ordered with no lamps the unit is essentially a recessed power supply for remotely located lamp fixtures. Other lamp wattage available: 12, 18, 25, and 30.


When ordering the CHEL model as it is configured on this page you will receive a 6-volt, 24-watt sealed lead acid capacity battery. Higher capacity batteries are available; please see the category page for Chicago emergency lights that feature higher capacity batteries.

The CHEL emergency light battery features a 90 minute emergency run time after AC power to the building is lost. The recharge time for the battery is 24 hours and the max working temperature for the battery is 122º F. The sealed lead acid battery has an average lifespan of 3 to 5 years. Nickel Cadmium battery option increases efficiency and extends lifespan to 5-7 years.


To purchase a model with one or more of the options below (that are not offered above) please contact us via email or call us at 800-480-0707 for price and availability.

Self-testing - The unit can come with self-diagnostic testing that eliminates monthly and yearly testing of the battery backup system and alerts the user to any problems regarding operational functionality of the unit.

Nickel Cadmium Battery - The unit can come with a nickel cadmium battery. A step above the standard sealed lead acid batter, Ni-Cad batteries have a 5-7 year lifespan, are easier to replace, and decrease shipping weight.

Time-Delay - This option is ideal for installations that are utilizing fluorescent and HID lamps for general lighting purposes. The time delay feature keeps the emergency lights ililluminated for a preset period (usually 15 minutes) after power is restored since fluorescent and HID lighting can take 10-15 minutes to reach full brightness, even after a short power failure.

Cord Set - If you need to plug your emergency light into the wall purchase the cord set option that allows you to connect your emergency light to any standard 120v AC outlet.

Voltmeter - This option gives a visual display of the voltage condition/level of the battery.

Ammeter - This option gives a visual display of the current that is being consumed by the emergency light at all time.


The 20-gauge housing is sturdy and can handle moderate abuse. It is ideal for normal emergency lighting applications, for heavy-duty projects purchase an emergency light wire guard to go with it.


This unit features a white finish, gray and black are also available. This Chicago emergency light can be custom colored to match the color of the surface it is being installed onto.


The value this Chicago emergency light lies in its price. Purchasing this unit direct from our warehouse allows it to be offered at an extremely competitive price.

Additional Information

Please note this is a custom manufactured product. Custom manufactured products cannot be returned or exchanged. Please see return policy or contact us for more information.


Chicago emergency lights back mount easily to normally inflammable surfaces. Instructions are included with every light.