Deco 8" Horizontal Architectural Recessed CFL Downlight

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The DHA-8 is a 8” aperture with one or two horizontal CFL lamps for wide beam area and task lighting. This fixture is designed for use in noninsulated existing ceiling or for existing insulated ceilings where insulation can be kept 3” from all sides of the housing and offers a wide choice of trim types including reflector, lensed and wall wash trims. 20-gauge CRS mounting ring, painted black. 1-5/8” deep collar may use for various thickness of ceiling materials. Commercial mounting kit provided up to 5” vertical adjustment which accommodates 1/2” EMT conduit, optional HB-24 or HBC-24 bar hanger or lathing channels for T-bar grid or concealed spline ceiling. Listed for through branch circuit wiring.(Max.8 No 12 AWG 90° branch circuit conductions (4 in, 4 out)). (5)1/2” knockouts with pry-out slots and (4) Romex knockouts Multiple reflector & trim options (See spec sheet) G24Q/GX24Q socket for use 4 pin DTT, TTT lamps. Installed (4 pin or 2pin) plastic lampholders in stamped galvanized steel housing attached on the reflector top. High Power Factor multi-volt electronic ballasts for 4 pin type compact fluorescent lamps mounted on J-box door for easy access from inside of fixture. Class P Thermally protected by internal fuse (3 amp fast blow). Dimming option available (See ordering information).