Edison Price Anglux 4 in. 75W MR16 Recessed Low Voltage Accent Light Housing, Semi Specular Clear

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Anglux MR/4 is a 4 inch aperture accent light designed for use with 12-volt MR-16 lamps. The integral electronic transformer delivers 11.8 volts, to lengthen lamp life. A Solite prismatic lens is included. Conical reflector, cut at 15 degrees, minimizes aperture brightness. Fixture provides 358 degrees horizontal rotation and 0 to 45 degrees angular lamp adjustment. Lamp is concentric with the aperture at 0 degree, allowing fixture to be used as a downlight. An optional downlight reflector, cut at 0 degree, is also available. Recess depth is only 6 and 3/4 inches. The fixture provides easy one-finger adjustment of both tilt and rotation after lamping. Once focused, the adjustment can be locked in place by means of two very accessible thumb screws. Anglux MR/4 accepts one or two of 15 available Optical Accessories including lenses, a UV filter and color filters. Bulb: 75W MR16 (not included) Diameter (in): 4 in. inner, 5-1/4 outer Family Brand Name: Anglux Height: 6-3/4 in. Length: 13.5 in. Output Voltage: 11.8