Lamp MR16 24 volt 35 watts - 2 Bulb Pack

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Need a high-powered bulb for your lighting fixture? Our 24V 35W MR16 Emergency Light Bulb is a small capacity voltage lighting source that’s an excellent choice for your light solution.

The LP Series lamps are produced in stainless steel and feature a bi-pin base, which makes replacement simple. Picture yourself plugging and unplugging a cord from and into a wall outlet. That’s all it takes to remove and attach this bulb. Snap!

Used for high intensity units such as: industrial and commercial emergency lights, aircraft landing, and recessed lighting, these lamps work well with NiCad batteries.

Featuring an internal multifaceted reflector, this bulb shines brilliant radiant light directly onto whatever desired surface.


  • Base Type: 2-Pin (GX5.3)
  • Beam Angle: 36¬∞
  • Average Life: 200 Hours
  • with Dimmer Function
  • Clear Finish

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This bulb can be used indoors with any lamp or remote head, can light, or emergency lighting unit. Just remove the fixture’s panel and slide the 2-pin prongs into the outlet.

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Electrical Specifications

  • Diameter: 4/5‚Äù
  • Length: 2/3‚Äù
  • Color Temperature: 3250K
  • Initial Lumens: 86


  • U.L. 924
  • N.E.C. requirements
  • N.F.P.A. 101

Looking to replace a halogen lamp? Our MR16 Emergency light bulbs are available either separate or in bulk. Call us! The Emergency Lights Co. is open 24 hours, 7 days a week. Our expert staff is available for questions and/or sales at (800) 407-0707 or