Exit Sign, NEMA 4X - Red LED - Black Housing (w/Battery Heater Options)

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Check out our near-identical Vandal Proof NEMA 4X Exit Sign!

NEMA 4x Wet Location Exit Sign Combo Cut-Sheet

Say you work in a wholesale fish market by the Atlantic Ocean, where salty sea air, frostbitten winters and high winds can wreck havoc on standard exit signage. How do you protect your valuable sign in such adverse environments? Enter the NEMA 4X Wet Location Red LED Exit Sign, a highly efficient marker that utilizes red light emitting diodes (LED) to evenly light the red Exit legend.

The SVXN-1R is designed for simultaneous presence indoors and out and can be used in just about any commercial or light industrial facility. It can also be mounted in Marine locations directly exposed to sea spray and corrosive salt water. They are also very sturdy fixtures ideal in oudoor areas where vandalism is prone.

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  • High efficiency red LED strip consumes only 4 watts of AC electricity
  • Sturdy PVC case and Exit stencil faceplate, available in single and double sided variations
  • Vandalproof polycarbonate face shield
  • Tamper proof screws
  • Self Test runs automatic diagnostic of the signs battery and LEDs
  • UL Listed for Wet and Marine locations
  • Pulse-type charger sends an EM pulse through the battery to prevent terminal corrosion
  • Battery heater option for cold conditions under 20¬∞F


While green is the most internationally recognized exit illumination type, red is the only accepted light type for dense populations like Chicago and New York City. Psychologically, Red is the color for danger and screams "look at me" from 100 feet away. The exit signs PVC housing is tested to meet the watertight guidelines of the National Electrical Manufacturers Association (NEMA) 4X rating.

Exterior Specifications

The standard version of this sign is single-sided and displays the word 'Exit' in NFPA approved 6-1/2 inch letters. Several knockout conduit points on the sides of the sign allow for just about any electrical lead entry. A polycarbonate faceplate is placed in front of the red Exit legend and tied down with tamper proof screws that can only be removed with a special bit (included with the sign).

Internal Specifications

Per the NEMA 4X rating, these signs are lined with a rubber O-ring gasket which denies the entry of humidity, dust and water into the housing. 12 individual red LEDs light up the sign and are rated to last an astounding 50,000 hours (5 years) of continuous service. The sign comes standard with a self diagnostic circuit that constantly monitors the signs vitals and alerts the user when a fault is discovered. This feature also runs monthly an yearly tests in accordance with UL 924 handling instructions.

Electrical Specifications

  • Two wire operation, 120 to 277VAC
  • Custom voltages available like 220v and 240v.
  • Low power drain in standby mode
  • Sealed maintenance free nickel-cadmium battery supplies 90 minutes of emergency illumination
  • Continuous self testing
  • Solid state charger

Code Compliance

  • UL 8750: LED Equipment for Use in Lighting Products
  • UL 924 Listed emergency runtime
  • UL1598A Marine Outside Type
  • Housing tested to NEMA 4X watertight specifications
  • NFPA 101 Life Safety Code
  • International Building Code
  • International Fire Code


  • The unit has a 5-year warranty from the date you purchased it
  • The sealed nickel-cadmium battery carries a full 5-year warranty with a 5-year pro-rata warranty