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What Are the 5 Most Popular Emergency Light Exit Sign Combo Units?

Some commercial, industrial or residential buildings require more than just an exit sign or emergency light. When that's the case, your best bet is to go with an Exit Sign and Emergency Light Combo!

Once you decide to go with a combo unit, the next step is to figure out which one bests fits your application. Start by gauging between the most popular combo units that we offer.

Here's are the top 5 Emergency Light Combo units sold by the Emergency Lights Co:

1. Red LED Exit Sign Combo exit-led-combo-r-w-f-a.jpg

Our Red LED Exit Sign Combo works best for commercial or residential interiors. It's constructed from durable thermoplastic. This unit features 2 circular LED lamps located on each side that consumes 90% less electricity than incandescent or halogen ones. During an power outage, this unit will provide up to 90 minutes of emergency illumination thanks to a compact nickel cadmium battery.

2. Green LED Exit Sign Combo


Our Green LED Exit Sign Combo also works best for commercial or residential interiors. It's green letters are only allowed in states that don't require the red letters. This unit is similar to the Red LED Exit Sign Combo.

3. Wet Location Red LED Exit Sign Combo


The Wet Location Red LED Exit Sign Combo is made for outdoor applications or others where moisture is present in the area. It's made with impact resistant ABS plastic and can take a beating brought on by inclement weather. It's fully gasketed to seal out any wetness and can be customized to work in freezing conditions. It features 2 PAR style 9 watts halogen lamps either top or side mounted, while the E-X-I-T sign is illuminated by LEDs.

4. New York City Exit Sign Combo


A required standard in the Big Apple, the New York City Exit Sign Combo is different from others because its E-X-I-T letters is 8" in height as opposed to 6". The exit sign regulations headed down by the NYC building as mandates that these units be made from steel and operate 120V or 277V. It is also available with 2 or 3 halogen lamp heads.

5. Class 1 Division 2 Exit Sign Emergency Lights Combo


Our Class 1 Division 2 Exit Sign Emergency Lights Combo unit is a popular choice for areas that are defined as hazardous locations. Areas such as, paint shops, oil refineries, power plants and chemical processing facilities are distinguished by this definition because they feature ignitable gassed and vapors. Composed from a combination of tamper-resistant aluminum housing and polycarborate faceplate, this unit is features an LED exit sign and halogen emergency lamps.

All five of these units are guaranteed UL 924 listed and meet their applications respective local and state compliance laws.

When sourcing which exit sign is best for your hazardous location, make sure you’re clear on which materials are present in your area. If you’re not sure of which class and/or group that your location falls under, contact us anytime at (800) 480-0707 or email us at!