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Who Are We ?

  • Welcome to Emergency Lights Co.

    The Emergency Lights Company is a nationwide wholesale distributor that offers the best quality fixtures, accessories and solutions to all clients. Our specialty is not only providing safe and compliant products that satisfy your needs, but we also take the time to analyze and offer our expertise with your interest in mind.

    Emergency Lights from Coast-to-Coast

    Our emergency lights, exit signs and accessories are offered at the most competitive prices because we have over 11 warehouses nationwide. The great thing about this is depending on which region of the country you are located, you can expect faster lead-times and quick delivery!

    Money Back Guarantee

    We stand behind every emergency light and exit sign that we offer because we are confident in its quality and application. If the emergency lighting fixtures that you purchase are defective or do not work properly in any way, just let us know and we will make sure you get what you need or are provided a refund. Our sales technicians and customer service team are available anytime, day or night, to answer a question or provide a quote on emergency lights, exit signs, battery packs, and any other type of product that we offer.

  • Why are Emergency Lights and Exit Signs Important!

    Well, think of it this way: if a fire was to break out or the power was to fail in a commercial building or residential facility, a functional and compliant emergency warning light system. This would include exit signs with or without battery backup, remote headlamps, batteries, would need to provide illumination. Not only are they necessary, but also they are required by local and state law to provide occupants with a quick and safe escape while reducing panic.

    Emergency Lightning Solutions Anytime!

    We are open 24 hours, 7 days a week, and 365 days a year! We don’t just mean our website, you can ALWAYS be connected to one of our expert customer service representatives at 1-800-480-0707. If you have any questions before you place an order or just need consolation we’re just a phone call or email away!

    Our Emergency Lights Team of Experts

    Imagine making an early morning or late evening call to a roster full of efficient, knowledgeable and helpful support that’s always there to answer the phone! Our team of experts is always here to assist with any inquiries or issues that may arise. Whether it’s equipment malfunction or queries in terms of compliance and regulation, our staff has expertise in finding solutions to any possible confusion or problem. So, if you need advice on how to replace a battery in an exit sign, call us!

    Compliance Certification

    Our stock of emergency LED lights, as well as, other emergency lighting fixtures and accessories, undergo vigorous testing procedures to meet the requirements of the UL 924 Standard Technical Panel. In fact, our company’s co-founder and president has a seat on the Panel, which develops and maintains the testing procedures for exit signs and emergency lights before becoming compliant. We are also extremely aware of other regulations that apply to Canada all other countries around the world.

  • Our Emergency Lighting Products

    If you’re looking for emergency solutions for your home, building interior or exterior, or parking lot lights for your truck, car, etc., we have a large selection for your needs!

    Whether it’s for Wet location, hazardous location; steel, aluminum or thermoplastic construction; self-luminous, photoluminescent, LED, fluorescent or metal halide types; New York City or Chicago compliant; combos units, edge lit, batteries, and remote heads - WE OFFER IT ALL!!!

    The Best Emergency Lights, Bar None!

    Looking for the highest quality emergency lights or exit signs? Look no further! Emergency Lights Co. has the biggest selection, the quickest turnarounds and the lowest prices over anyone out there.

    Don't know what type or how many emergency lights you require? We can devise a game plan that will bring your building up to code and under budget.

    Call us toll-free, anytime day-or-night at 1-800-480-0707 or email our production team to get started.

    High-end Quality Manufacturing

    Our production team has worked for the top manufacturers of emergency lights, which we now sell wholesale to our customers. Our owners are on the Underwriter's Laboratories advisory panel - the leading authority on electronic safety devices. This gives us the biggest edge over our competitors who are often clueless when it comes to the emergency lights they sell.

    Because we retain close connections with our manufacturers, we will fight to have your emergency lights bumped to the top of the queue. We also cut out the middle man to ship the light you need directly, and at the lowest price possible.

    American-made and fully complaint

    Another aspect that makes Emergency Lights Co. different from the rest is our commitment to selling only American-made fixtures. Not only does it help the economy by keeping jobs in the USA; it spares you from buying un-satisfactory lights or exit signs that could fail during an actual emergency.

  • Why Do I Need Emergency Lights?

    All public or private buildings are required by OSHA as well as city, state and federal law to have sufficient lighting and exit signs installed. Since any number of natural or man-made disasters can cause building blackouts, emergency lights will provide a safe path of egress for all building occupants.

    Not having these fixtures, or not having sufficient illumination, will lead to heavy fines from multiple safety agencies. You will not be able to allow any personnel to re-enter the facility until it is brought up to code.

    24-hour emergency support when you need it

    Unlike other fly-by-night lighting websites, we are dedicated to streamlining your buying and installing process with free 24-hour support. We realize a good percentage of our customer's concerns and questions arise after the work day has ended.

    Where can you turn to track an order or need help mounting an exit sign? We have actual employees manning the phones every hour of the day.

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