Steel Emergency Lights

Emergency lights made of steel are frequently mandated in industrial settings like factories and warehouses due to their robustness and resilience. Our range of steel exit signs and emergency lighting fixtures are crafted using 20-gauge steel housings, ensuring rugged durability, and they boast appealing powder coat finishes. Typically, steel emergency lighting units with battery backup operation are powered by higher-capacity sealed lead-acid batteries.

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Emergency Lights Steel Housing

Emergency lighting regulations differ significantly nationwide. Certain building codes, such as those in New York City, mandate egress lights to feature steel housing due to its exceptional tensile strength, making it the top choice for safeguarding emergency lighting systems. In terms of durability, steel emergency lights reign supreme.

Emergency Lights Co. isn't merely a retailer of steel egress lights; we're involved in every aspect, from manufacturing to delivery. Our "ABLE" steel emergency lighting is a source of great pride for us:

  • Durable
  • Customizable
  • Dependable
  • Affordable

Furthermore, most of our steel emergency lights offer flexible functionalities, ensuring that clients get the best value for their investment.


Steel is a preferred material in the construction industry, particularly for egress lighting. Why? Picture a scenario where there's a power outage during a fire emergency - everyone is attempting to evacuate, but there's a problem: the cardboard housings protecting emergency lighting sensors and controls are disintegrating due to the hallway fire. That's a concerning situation!

Fortunately, such a scenario won't occur with our steel emergency lights. Steel housing provides complete protection against weather and vandalism, ensuring that our egress lights are durable and reliable.


Our steel lights are matched with PAR lamp heads to ensure optimal lighting in emergency situations. Take, for example, our Heavy Duty Steel Light 375-watt model, equipped with two 9.0-watt PAR lamps, delivering powerful illumination for a minimum of 90 minutes after a power outage. Clients can also select models with 5.4 or 7.2 watt lamp heads based on their building and design requirements.

However, if your design leans towards robust construction with a slim-profile lighting solution, explore our range of LED or Halogen MR16 models. These are compact and suitable for installations in low ceilings and tight corners.


In instances of prolonged power outages, businesses demand lighting solutions that exceed the standard 90-minute backup. Our offering includes the 24-Hour Emergency Light, ensuring a full day's worth of backup power as its name implies. Crafted from durable 20-gauge steel, these lights feature 9-watt lamp heads, with the option for higher wattage heads upon request. Additionally, clients have the flexibility to select from similar models offering 3, 4, 6, or 8 hours of backup lighting as needed.


At Emergency Lighting Co., we produce egress lights featuring customizable lamp heads and color options to enhance their aesthetic appeal.

Our steel emergency lights offer numerous optional add-on features. For instance, the popular NEMA 12 unit, along with others, can be equipped with self-diagnostic capabilities to alert users, internal heating for colder environments, and a time-delay function for instances where lighting needs to remain on after power restoration.

Furthermore, several of our steel emergency lights can be ordered without lamp heads, serving as standalone power sources for other fixtures.