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Unlimited Lights LLC providing comprehensive, affordable egress lighting solutions to businesses and contractors across the country, from privately owned businesses to city firefighters to NASA. Our exit and emergency lighting systems are sourced exclusively from American manufacturers working at the highest levels of production and design. We want to assure all of our customers that our lighting systems will work when they are most needed, and will continue to do so for years after their installation. For these reasons, coupled with our expert and friendly customer service, Emergency Lights Co. has become the leading name in emergency and exit lighting solutions.


Affordability and Reliability

Our company was founded on the principles of cost-effective and reliable service: we seek to outfit our customers with only the highest-quality products, and to tailor our efforts to each client’s needs and preferences. We believe in exceeding the minimum requirement of effort in all aspects of our business, and are constantly working to improve our knowledge and effectiveness within our field. Our emergency and exit lighting professionals have the experience and skills necessary to help you, our customer, keep your installation or repair on-budget and on-time, as well as helping our customers make sure they have satisfied every aspect of fire and building code law.

Put simply, proper exit and emergency lighting saves lives, which makes affordable lighting and signage crucial to safety. At Emergency Lighting Co., we know that low costs and fast turnaround are not only good for both our business and yours, but crucial to ensuring the safety of our customers and even their customers! Our staff is filled with knowledgeable experts who work every day to make installation and upkeep of safety systems easy and economically viable.

More than an online retailer, Emergency Lighting Co. employs a dedicated engineering team to make customers’ experience stress-free and safe. We have the experience and capability to meet the unique needs of our clients, and a products list that includes special considerations for specialty needs, such as New York City-approved exit signs, and signs in braille.


Customer Service and Safety

Not only do we provide safety signage and lighting, we also boast a sterling reputation for customer service and security. Our website has been verified by a variety of security partners, including U.S. Small Business Administration, and the Better Business Bureau. Shop on our website with the reassurance that your personal information is subject to the most stringent security measures. You can rely on us to be prompt, friendly, and knowledgeable of our field, whenever you may need us.

Oftentimes safety is taken for granted in our world. Emergency signs and lights are so ubiquitous that they’re almost “invisible” to the everyday person walking down a hallway, or up a flight of stairs. We at Emergency Lighting Co. are dedicated to making the safety of your employees, customers, and even loved ones a top priority, and at a cost that bars no one from enjoying the level of safety they deserve. Contact us today to see how we can help you make your building or business as safe as it should be.

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