Tritium Exit Signs

Tritium exit signs, self-luminous and self-contained, do not need AC power or ambient light for charging. They rely on radioluminescence to illuminate the exit sign's letters, making them independent of complex wiring or electrician services during installation, thereby minimizing costs. With no power consumption, they have zero lifetime power costs, and without electronics or batteries, maintenance costs are also zero. This makes tritium exit signs an exceptionally cost-effective, non-electrical and hassle-free safety solution for various environments, ensuring clear visibility during emergencies without ongoing expenses.

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Self Luminous Exit Signs

Self-luminous exit signs use tritium, a glowing type of hydrogen gas, to provide bright and constant exit sign illumination for 10-20 years. They are the perfect solution for exit sign applications where electricity is unavailable. Self illuminating exit signs eliminate the need for and cost of hiring an electrician to run conduit and install electrical exit signs.

Nuclear Exit Signs - Won't Cause Armageddon

The nuclear decay of tritium gas causes the phosphor-lined tubes inside these signs to glow. These glass tubes are completely sealed and very hard to break. In it's gaseous form, tritium dissipates into the atmosphere in seconds. So if the tubes do break, let the room air out and you'll be fine. And no, these signs won't explode a mushroom cloud if you accidentally drop them!

Tritium Exit Signs - Non Electrical

There are no batteries, wires, or connections to maintain and replace so operating costs are eliminated. The constant, self-powered tritium illumination technology is the most reliable for of exit lighting available today. Self-luminous tritium powered exit signs can be ordered with a 10 or 20 year lifespan and in either a single or double sided configuration.

Some Options

The thermoplastic frame is durable and offered in black or white. Face color options include red, green, black, or white. Installation is easy and all necessary hardware is included with each sign. Self-luminous exit signs are approved for indoor and outdoor use, including wet locations and extreme environments. UL 924 Listed for the US and Canada.

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