Photoluminescent Exit Signs

Non-Electric Exit Signs, also known as Power Free Exit Signs, operate without electricity or battery power. They utilize either photoluminescence or radioluminescence for illumination. Since they're wireless and don't require AC power, installation is simple and cost-effective, without needing an electrician or access to outlets. With no power consumption, they incur zero lifetime costs. Battery-powered exit signs don't exist as batteries have limited lifespans. Instead, Self Powered Exit Signs offer a reliable alternative without the need for continuous battery replacement.

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Glow In The Dark Exit Signs

Photoluminescent tape and emergency egress signs absorb and store ambient light energy, needing 54 LUX or 5-ft candles of LED, fluorescent, metal halide, or mercury vapor light for 60 minutes charging. In emergencies like blackouts or smoke, they offer immediate visibility, guiding safe evacuation paths without power. Easy to install anywhere with ambient light, they come in various types: aluminum, UL listed, decorative exit signs, 75' & 100' options, and emergency egress signs.

Radioluminescent tritium exit signs are self-contained, needing no electricity or battery power, and no ambient light for charging. Available in multiple colors, frames, and lifespans (10 or 20 years), they ensure visibility in emergencies.